Steps to Knowledge Is Here: Where Are You?

Steps to Knowledge is here: where are you?

Steps to Knowledge

At the end of Day 11 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia had some things she wished to share.

She begins with, “I’m here to tell you that Marshall is with us. Although he is not here with us in the room or here to speak to you directly, he is here. And where is he? He’s resting, and that is so amazing. In the early years of this work, every time we had any kind of engagement or gathering, Marshall led every one, every single one, every single time. And it is so amazing and wonderful that we can hold vigil with him and we can help carry the focus of the vigil with him. And that is an evolution, I will tell you, it really truly is. So I would like to take a moment to be with him. This is our moment, one of our moments to be with Marshall. And as we do this, know that he is with us. I can see him and I am sure you can too. He is resting, he is holding vigil, and so are we.”

She then leads us deeper into our experience of Steps to Knowledge by introducing some questions Marshall has for those taking this journey.

“This is a process from Marshall for us to do. Just take a moment to do this. At this point in time, after taking part of the journey in StK, how do you see it now in contrast to what you understood it to be at the outset?”

I pondered this and have to admit that when I first came across Steps to Knowledge, I was not confounded or confused. I felt I recognized it and knew what it was about from the very beginning.

Two years ago during the Steps Vigil, I expressed my Steps experience as follows:

My experience with studying and practicing Steps to Knowledge for the past two-and-a-half years has truly been like a great homecoming for me. It is as though I have always known about this Knowledge in some deeper part of me, but not consciously. Now it is conscious, and its familiarity often overwhelms me. So I find my study to be the most natural thing I have ever done. It is effortless and flowing. It has become an integral part of my being and life. It is not even a choice any more. It is something I must do, but with lightness and joy in my heart, and with a glimpse of the freedom referred to, absolutely no obligation.

Patricia goes on to say, “The wonderful thing about a vigil of this nature is that it affords us the opportunity for our realizations to catch up with us. And it’s mysterious going forward how this serves us, but it does; to be in greater possession of our realizations. Because these realizations are not just merely thoughts or ideas, as we know, deeper understandings, they are.

“We’ve heard the term the Great Coordination. And when we consider Steps to Knowledge and the reality of this Great Coordination, of which Steps to Knowledge is a part, Marshall has a question, “Can you realize what you are working with here?”

And one of the things Marshall said about Steps to Knowledge as part of this Great Coordination is this: there has been an evolution in our understanding of the intention of the Source as a result of Steps to Knowledge. It is here as part of the Great Coordination and is nothing less than an endeavor to reawaken our experience of Knowledge to save humanity.

“The following are mini teachings from Marshall, and we will hear from him again I am sure on each of these

Steps to KnowledgeMini teachings, within which is contained greater teachings. This man carries a lot.”

She speaks about being in the room and witnessing the process of revelation as it occurs. She likens it to a double waterfall flow of communication passing into Marshall and through Marshall, and at the same time pouring into him.

The first mini teaching is this: “Humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community and the coming of the Greater Community. Consider this. Steps is the central pathway for developing men and women of Knowledge in preparation for communication in the greater arena of life. To function in that arena, to maintain Knowledge in the world in this Greater Community arena, to join the timeless mission of God and to serve those who have separated in the manifest universe.

“Knowledge is about movement.

“Consider living in a state of mind more proximal to Knowledge. Knowledge will naturally exert its influence, its protection, its permanence. But where are we relative to this?

“Steps to Knowledge brings us to an encounter with a higher order reality.

“It is a rescue plan from God. Steps to Knowledg is telling you that you are not alone. It is part of the rescue plan from God. Hear him, you will hear him too.

“Steps to Knowledge is the pathway out of the jungle. You know this jungle image I speak of, take a moment to see this for yourself.

Patricia goes on to say that as the Messenger, he brings us news.

The news he brings us is that “Steps to Knowledge is what is being practiced by advanced individuals and groups in the Greater Community by the networks of the wise.

“Steps to Knowledge is the preparation for the future.

“Knowledge waits for us.”

Then comes Marshall’s last question for us this evening:

“What does it mean for us that such a preparation is being given to us at this time?”

For me, it means that God wishes to save the world from its downward spiral into ultimate destruction. God wishes for humanity to reach a higher order of reality and spirituality and continue its evolution and ascension to a higher plane. God wishes to save this beautiful Earth and the human race that resides here. The human race is but one of the billions and billions of races that reside in the Universe, all created by God. At this time in the scheme of things, God’s attention is focused on us. God has sent Marshall Vian Summers into this world to bring the human race the Steps to Knowledge and other teachings with the intention that enough people will respond in order to tip the balance and prevent the planet from destroying itself.

Patricia encourages us to explore these pathways together and concludes that we will emerge from the process with treasures to offer to the world.

* * *

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