Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

During Day 12 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia takes stock of where we are and recaps the stages in the process so far. It is important for us to remember that the 365 Steps contained in Steps to Knowledge were not received at a steady pace throughout the 20-day period. They came in starts and stops. On May 26 (Day 1), 35 Steps were received, followed by 57 Steps on May 27 (Day 2). After this came four days of silence when nothing was received. Then, on June 1 (Day 7), 49 Steps were received, followed immediately by 56 Steps on June 2 (Day 8). And once more, five days of silence. Day 12 comes during this five-day interval, when Marshall, already weary, continued to hone himself to see it through to the end.

Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Marshall talks about this capacity-building and shares his memories of this time, drawing back the veil into his experience and affording us a glimpse of the magnitude of this event.

He begins speaking at around the 1.06.00 mark.

“Just my memory of these 20 days 28 years ago, there was such a buildup to receive this, for six years. And when I felt it approaching, in the month or so before it began, I was really on edge, because I thought this time was approaching, this is going to be very, very important. And I remember being quite nervous that I would somehow screw it up or not be able to do it, when the moment finally came. And I had much training to prepare me for this. Long retreats, strange journeys, long periods of engagement with the Assembly, hours, even days, on end, so that I would have the capacity to receive this, Steps to Knowledge, and the books of revelation which would follow not long afterwards.

“But when it began, I was so nervous, and it came very fast. And then I had to rest, obviously during intervals. But when I got to the halfway point, I was just hoping I could get to the end. It’s like running a long race, you get to a certain point and you know you’re getting tired, but you know you must finish this race, I used to run long races, so I know what that can feel like. When it was done, I was really tired and really relieved. But then I could remember so little of it, a few of the Steps titles, a few things, because it came very fast.

“So, and Patricia can tell the story of my coming up the stairs for the last time with the tapes in hand and what I said to her at that time. But shortly thereafter, I began Steps to Knowledge. And Darlene Mitchell, who is with us here tonight, was transcribing as fast as she could, first steps, so when the sheets of paper began to come forth before it was really a book, I began the study of Steps to Knowledge.

“And I wanted to know what was in it. I’m going to be presenting this to the world, because I knew I was going to be presenting it to the world before I ever received it, which added my sense of heightened anticipation and nervousness as the time approached. So I began Steps to Knowledge, and I did every day for sixteen months. And I felt like I was dealing with something of a very high order. I could remember a few things in coming to some of these Steps, but it was a flood, and sometimes in floods you see debris floating on top of the flood … I was able to pick out a few things in this flood, but I had no idea how big this really was.

“So I felt very honored, somewhat burdened, and quite uncertain how I was going to put this all together and present it, since we had never made a book before. But when I look at Steps to Knowledge now, having done it several times through, I can really appreciate its mystery and its depth, and the power that it has for those who can stay with it and return to it. For I don’t think you can really plumb the depths of this one time through. And as you practice, your capacity grows for it. As you read the other revelations, Greater Community Spirituality, Wisdom from the Greater Community Vols I and II, these are the early teachings, Living the Way of Knowledge, fantastic, you build capacity, you build comprehension and you return to these Steps. And they speak to you now much more clearly, because you’re getting on their wavelength, finally. Whereas before you could barely stay with it.

“But in my first time through, I was pretty deeply involved, and I was also still on retreat, so I could give it a lot of attention. And as I mentioned the other evening in the vigil, I knew Steps to Knowledge would commit the rest of my life. It wasn’t like I was just going to pass this on to someone and move on to something else, this was going to be central to everything that I did from here on. So it had a life-committing quality to it from the very outset. And that has been the case.

“So I am very blessed, honored to hear the testimonials,the power of Steps to Knowledge working in your life, the lives of other people, what this can give to those who are searching for it. I pray that they can find it. There is nothing else like this in the whole world.

“And for those who seek it, it will bring the power of  restoration to their lives. So a great burden turned into a great blessing. And now I feel burdened with bringing my voice forth to speak of the revelations of God, to speak of this journey, to speak of the mystery of Steps to Knowledge, the power of Revelation. For the power of Heaven is within it, most surely. And we have a small capacity for the power of Heaven, but as it grows, the well gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

“And I think of Steps now, that part of its purpose is to build a sacred environment internally for us, to receive the presence of Knowledge, to receive the presence of our Spiritual Family, that’s connected to Knowledge, a sacred place that is beyond the reach of the world and our outer surface life. When that happens something greater takes place.

And I would like to read to you from the Secrets of Heaven. This is one of my favorite books of the Revelation. This contains some of the very earliest teachings in the New Message.

Secret 151: You will know us because we are your Family. This can only be known and is not realized through deduction or any kind of rational practice. An old friend is merely recognized. If you remember us as we truly are, you will remember your life before entering here. You will remember your purpose and your agreement. You will remember the strength of your undertaking and the geat assistance that surrounds you always. In this, you will find true strength, for nothing that you can see in the world can cast shadows upon an awareness of this magnitude.

Capacity-building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Marshall then asks Patricia to tell us what happened when he emerged from receiving the final steps.

Patricia relates how she saw Marshall come up the rather steep flight of narrow wooden steps leading out of the basement area in the humble home where he received Steps to Knowledge. She could see he was in a certain kind of state of mind and hesitated to even engage him. But she herself wanted to know what was going on.

So she asked, “Marshall, what is this? What is this you are receiving?”

“It’s a map, I received a map, no wait, no, actually, I received a book. Well, actually, actually, it’s about marriage.” And with that far-off look still in his eyes, he explained further. “It’s here to help us marry the mind we think with to the mind that we know with. It’s about marriage.”

* * *

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