Holding Vigil: An Opportunity to Engage

Holding Vigil: An Opportunity to Engage

holding vigil

On Day 9 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia Summers brought us back to the questions we were asked to consider when the Vigil began.

  • What do you need in this Vigil?
  • What opportunities does this Vigil give you? What must you do with this opportunity?
  • How can this Vigil accelerate your movement in the direction you know you need to go?

She says, “These are important questions because we are undertaking this process of holding vigil alongside Marshall, so in parallel fashion this helps us to really be with him.”

She went on to share a series of thoughts voiced by Marshall before the Vigil began and that he has been having all along.

Holding Vigil: An Opportunity to Engage

“This is the focus of my Vigil. These are things I must face and entertain, and for those who go with me as well. I am here to declare the reality of God’s New Message for this world. I am the Messenger for this time and the times to come. I am here because of humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community. I am here because of the great change that is coming to the world. I am here to bring knowledge and wisdom from the Greater Community, to prepare humanity for its future. I have been sent to the world for this purpose alone.

“I have come at a great turning point where the future of humanity will be largely determined in the decades ahead. The New Message is here so that these things may come to pass – salvation, protection and advancement of humanity, preparation for the Greater Community, warning of the great threat to the world, the Greater Darkness, and the Great Waves of Change. That Knowledge will emerge in enough people and be kept alive into the future, for this I am here.

“I am bringing the wisdom and experience gained from my long preparation in the Cave of Revelation. I am bringing the power and the presence of those who sent me to those who can hear and recognize me. Can you hear me? Can you recognize me?

“The time has come for me to come forth. This is the time of the Messenger now. Without the Messenger, the New Message from God will be misunderstood. It would be misused for personal gain and power. It would be allied with things that are not part of God’s Will and Plan for the world. Do you understand what I am saying?

“Here, all that I have been through, long years of isolation, inexplicable journeys and deep, sometimes infrequent engagement with those who sent me can be fulfilled as I go forward and with others with me.

“A Great Coordination has called us here, greater than you can understand. It is moving my life and your life at a deeper level, even at this moment, even in this gathering.

“A rare and great thing is happening in our world. A New Message from God is being brought here.

“This is a rare event, even in the Universe at large.

“There is a great intention here, more powerful than anything else we see or know. I have been sent here for this purpose. I pray that I may be able to accomplish this.

“This purpose lives within you and is the Golden Thread that runs throughout your life, underscoring all that you have done and experienced. I am holding vigil to deepen my relationship with each of you, to give you insight into my great and mysterious journey here on earth, which may shed light on the reasons behind your own presence here at this time.

“I pray that I may be able to fulfill my mission on earth. To you, I ask you to hear me, to recognize and to know me.”

Patricia concluded with these words:

“So these are tones that ring through his mind. They sometimes keep him up at night. And it is so wonderful, as he holds this vigil, to come to ever deeper realization of what he has to do, what he has been given. There are others with him.

“This is evident and this is known, beyond this place in time. And this is good.”

* * *

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