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  1. Free book that does exactly what your site states. This is the Spirituality of the Universe that serves All Worlds, All Religions and All Races. It is within all Beings in the Universe in the physical and spiritual realities. It is the core of all Religions. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and can not be manipulated, corrupted,controlled or overtaken. It is your inner guidance system. Before you came into the world you had Knowledge/Holy Spirit in your heavenly state, when you leave this world you will return back to your Knowing heavenly state. For the first time in Humanity’s evolution a vast new message has been given to the Human Family to empower and enlighten all peoples.http://www.newmessage.org/nmfg/Greater_Community_Spirituality.html

  2. Hey Doug. I followed one of your FB articles to this website and was VERY surprised to find that you are at the helm of a new spiritual movement.

    I am VERY interested to know why you abandoned orthodox Biblical faith in the Trinity for this.

    Still your friend no matter what you believe,

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