“You Cannot Exhaust This”

The 2014 Steps Vigil is underway. You cannot exhaust thisWe are now entering one of the great seasons in the liturgical year of the New Message from God, the Steps Vigil, observed from May 26 to June 14. It commemorates the 20-day period over which Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989. It is therefore a special occasion, as the 25th anniversary of the entry of Steps to Knowledge into the world.

You cannot exhaust this

Just as Marshall Vian Summers offered some remarks at the beginning of the Messenger’s Vigil in January 2014, he offered some remarks here as well. These remarks occur at about 1:09:15 in the video. These words stir up a number of thoughts and emotions in me. But for now, I offer them without comment.


I’ll say it again, it makes me very happy that you’re all here, and as I’ve been listening to the presentation this evening, recalling what life was like for me twenty-five years ago, and, I was being led to many different places. Sometimes, without any sense whatsoever. Partly because it was a test. Would I go wherever I had to go? Even carrying a family with me, with very little support. And, I had to go three thousand miles away, to receive Steps to Knowledge, and the revelation that would continue from that point.

But I just wanted to say, that, as Patricia mentioned, I was pregnant, with not only Steps to Knowledge, but with the revelation itself. Ah, it was really uncomfortable, knowing that something big was going to happen. Not today, not this week, not this month, not this year, until certain conditions were met that were beyond my understanding. About a week or two before Steps began, I was told it would begin. But not when, exactly, just it’s going to happen soon. And, reading through my journal, about these first days, of Steps to Knowledge, I think I was greatly relieved that it was beginning. But when it did begin, I was very insecure about whether I could do this. And, having a sense of its importance. But once I began, it began. And was recorded and transcribed, as you read it today.

I am grateful for that, and I think, certainly the most important, to me, part of the revelation I’ve ever received. Because, somehow, this is, this is the means, and it’s important to know why it was given at the beginning, before the entire teaching was received. Only a small part of the teaching had been received prior to this. If anything happened to me, or should I have failed, you would have the pathway. When you contrast this with the great revelations of the past, where the pathway was established long after the messenger was gone, by people who did not know him, and the problems associated with that, you can see why it was so important that Steps, practically came first. And, as Patricia mentioned, it did anchor all of us in the study, I began Steps pretty much right away. It took me a year and a half, studying every day, to get through Steps that first time. And it was a real journey for me. It was new ground, for me, even then. So I consider it so essential.

And I do want to make one other comment, and that’s the language of Steps to Knowledge. It is so simple, which means its so translatable. Even someone with very poor English could read this book. It does use some religious terms, but it’s not fraught with metaphysical terminology. You could teach your ten-year-old to do Steps to Knowledge. Maybe you should. And yet, as it was mentioned, there’s levels of teaching going on in Steps. And when people do Steps to Knowledge for the second time, I hear so often about how they see things they never saw before. In part, because they have new eyes to see now. There’s many different layers to Steps to Knowledge. You cannot exhaust this.

* * *

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