You Are Not Alone

You Are Not AloneSteps to Knowledge has been examining the nature of individuality from a number of different angles.  In Step 11, “I am not apart from life,” we learn that our total inclusion in life is true.  We are not aware of it, we must reclaim it.  In Step 25, “I am at one with the greatest truth in life,” we are told that great truth is the product of great relationship.  In Step 45, “Alone I can do nothing,” we are told everything is the product of relationship.  Step 53, “My gifts are for others,” hammers the point one more time, only a little harder:

“Alone you can do nothing. Alone you have no meaning. This is because you are not alone.”

In the Steps to Knowledge universe, “alone” is not a proposition with a truth value of false. It is not exactly true to say Steps to Knowledge teaches that you are not alone. It teaches that “alone” is a non-well-formed idea. As if I were to type “susujsdlossw.oAE.lwehjubaFbvl.oSVADFfe!” and demand that you understand, appreciate and celebrate it. (Yes, I was slapping my hands on the keyboard.  I’ve been wanting to do that from the very first time I used the phrase “non-well-formed”)

Suppose you were offered two choices for your destiny.

In one scenario, you receive everything you want.  You receive whatever you believe will make you happy.

In the other scenario, you intensely participate in life, meet every person you came to meet, give every gift you came to give, fulfill your mission in life, and slide into the grave with every last drop of contribution wrung out of your individuality, and the last words escaping from your lips are “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.” Or “I gave what I came to give.”

That’s why I’m studying Steps to Knowledge.


* * *

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