You Are Not A Frail And Fragile People

You are not a frail and fragile people

This is the thirteenth post in a series of posts on the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This revelation is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

What have we seen before? Humanity has responded to great challenges in the past. There is a great, untapped power within people. It is important for nations to focus on world security as well as national security.

You are not a frail and fragile people

The following is the 79th paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets. These are the final paragraphs of this revelation.

So what We are speaking of here today is known to you. It is in your cultures. It is in your history. It is in your blood.

[ I believe they are referring specifically to the previous paragraph. But the entire teaching is giving the details of the great difficulties humanity will face.]

You are not a frail and fragile people, but you have become weak in your luxury and self-indulgence; you have become distracted and confused seeking personal wishes and ambitions.

[ “You” in this case means “humanity.” What if you were asked what you did with your life? Would you like to be able to say “I helped secure human survival and freedom?”]

The great times are upon you, and you must respond. This is a gift of unparalleled value, if you can respond. It will do everything for you that you could not do for yourself. It will do everything for the world that must be done, if enough people can respond.

[ Now they switch to you as an individual. You may not think you are much in the greater scheme of things. But if you can respond to this, it would be a great contribution to the world. If enough people can respond, humanity can succeed, securing its survival and freedom.]

Heaven waits and watches to see who can respond. There is no condemnation here. There is only encouragement. But there is great sobriety over what is occurring, great need and great urgency.

[ What if not enough people respond? This was said in an earlier paragraph: “If humanity cannot respond sufficiently, if enough people cannot respond, then the human family will fall prey to domination by other forces, who are already planting the seeds of dissension amongst you and even within you, within certain people.” I confess that when I heard the words “great sobriety,” I thought to myself “Even the angels are nervous about our prospects.”]

Great change is upon you. It is time to prepare. The preparation is here, it is given, through the Grace of God and through all of God’s Angels and advocates and true servants in the world.

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, currently the top ranked chess player in the world, right, makes a move as he plays against India’s former World Champion Vishwanathan Anand at the FIDE World Chess Championship Match in Sochi, Russia, Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Artur Lebedev)

[ You are not a frail and fragile people. But we face great difficulties. You have great, untapped power within you. You can express it if you take the preparation, the Steps to Knowledge. ]

* * *

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