It’s A Wonderful Thing: 2017 Steps Vigil

“It’s a wonderful thing.”

wonderful thing

The Steps Vigil is upon us once again. This year sees the 28th anniversary of this destiny-changing event.

I will remind you that from May 26 through June 14, the New Message from God Worldwide Community commemorates the reception of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing. This 20-day period of time is offered as an opportunity to learn for the first time or experience anew the reality of Knowledge as revealed through the daily practices of Steps to Knowledge. This universal practice, introduced for the first time in our world, exceeds most of our expectations and needs if it is studied adequately and applied wisely in the realm of life and relationships.

I have shared my experience of attending the Step Vigil before in this blog here, herehere and here.

It’s a wonderful thing

I would like to share some of the highlights of the Opening Broadcast of the 2017 Steps Vigil with you today, which you may watch in full on the video below.

On this day, 26 May, in 1989, Marshall received the first 35 Steps.

Who is this Steps Vigil for?

It is for those who have ever felt a stirring of conscience. It is for those who have never felt they could settle for an ordinary life. It is for those who seek a life of meaning and purpose, something beyond what society and culture tells them is needed to lead a satisfied life. It is for those who feel the need to look deeper, to go beneath the surface, to reach a place of profounder insight, knowing and mystery.

I am one of those people. Are you?

If so, let’s take the next step and embark on the journey Steps to Knowledge offers. We will find many pointers in another New Message revelation found in Chapter 24. “What Is Steps to Knowledge” in Greater Community Spirituality. 

“Here you must be willing to go beyond your fixed ideas and cherished beliefs. Here you will enter into a new experience where you are not sure who you are, why you are here or what you are doing. However, this uncertainty is not permanent. It represents a transition from one understanding to another.”

It’s a wonderful thing

Are you ready for this transition? If so, you will want to come to a deeper understanding of what this Knowledge is. This ordinary term we are all familiar with has a much profounder and far-reaching meaning in the New Message. It represents the deeper mind within each of us. Other names for it are Higher Power, Holy Spirit, Supreme Conscience.

Another chapter in Greater Community Spirituality titled “What Is Knowledge” brought to our attention during this Vigil broadcast rang a bell of deep recognition within me. I have had this experience.

“To begin to understand the reality of Knowledge, we must look at the evidence of Knowledge. This evidence can be found in your experience. It is the experience of being moved to do something or moved not to do something. It is the experience of irrational restraint. It is the experience of foreseeing something and knowing something and then having it happen. It is the experience of being moved to go somewhere, to do something, to associate with someone, or to disassociate from someone. This represents the deeper movement of your life. It is not something that is impelled by your ideas, emotions or feelings. It is something deep within you that moves you at your foundation. This is the evidence of Knowledge.”

It’s a wonderful thing

Marshall speaks at the 1:22.43 mark and puts the gist of the Steps journey in a nutshell. “It’s a wonderful thing,” says he.

“Our lives are more important than we realize, more important to those who sent us, more important for those who are meant to receive us, whom we have not yet met. We are on a journey from one state of being, a very limited state of being, to a greater state of being. From living in Separation to becoming reconnected with those we are destined to meet and to know. Only a gift from the Lord of the Universe can make this possible. Only a Greater Coordination operating at levels we can barely understand or see can make this possible.

“We are all rivers heading back to the same sea. Who created such a map, such a journey tailored to each one of you, knowing who you are, where you have been and where you must go? It’s a wonderful thing. So I give thanks that the Coordination has brought you here and that you have the courage and the self-trust to respond to that. Truly the journey is mysterious and there is so much we don’t understand. But within us there is a natural attraction, to our source, to our destiny that seems to compete with every other purpose and intention that we have, or that others may have for us. But what is in us must emerge. It is a time for emergence, it is a time of revelation. It’s a blessing that I can be with you here tonight. Nasi Novare Coram.”

If you feel called to join us on this journey, meet us each day during the 20-day Steps Vigil here.

* * *

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