Will Our Visitors Let Us Destroy Our World?

Robert Salas Press Conference, October 19, 2021

Most of you are not familiar with Robert Salas. He is a man who has been striving mightily to tell his story and have it be known.

Will our visitors let us destroy our world?

The life story of Robert Salas is relatively ordinary. Robert Salas is a 1964 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He served seven years on active duty. He worked as a weapons controller, flew target drones, commanded intercontinental ballistic missiles as a launch officer, and worked as an Air Force missile propulsion engineer on the Titan III program. From 1971 to 1973 he worked as a safety and reliability engineer for Martin-Marietta Aerospace and Rockwell International on Space Shuttle design proposals. From 1974 until his retirement in 1995 he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. Since his retirement he has working to publicize and unfold a remarkable event from 1967.

The time of this remarkable event was March 1967. The place was Malmstrom Air Force Base in northern Montana in the US. The event happened twice, once on March 16 and again on March 24. Part of the event was the sighting of a UFO by multiple witnesses on the base. The witnesses reported the object displaying remarkable speed and maneuverability. Another part was a group or flight of 10 nuclear missiles, “going off alert,” becoming unlaunchable. Two different flights of missiles were disabled, one on the 16th and the other on the 24th. Salas was on duty as a deputy missile combat crew commander deep in the underground nuclear missile control room.

The US Air Force found it unacceptable for this to become known. Captain Salas described the mechanisms used to suppress the knowledge of this event. This event has turned out to be the tip of an iceberg of similar events. Evidence for these events was presented at the October 19 press conference. There were two UFO sightings at the Hanford Ordnance Works in Washington state in 1945, where a nuclear reactor produced plutonium for nuclear weapons. In the early 1960’s at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Dr. Robert Jacobs reported a UFO disabled a launched nuclear missile with strikes of “a beam of light.” Another group of ten nuclear missiles were deactivated at Minot Air Force Base in 1966 during a UFO sighting. David Schindele spoke of this event. Robert Salas has been telling his story to people for some time now. He has been finding people with similar experiences over the years. He held a press conference similar to the recent one in 2010.

While Robert Salas didn’t mention this, there are reports of UFOs tampering with Russian nuclear weapons as well. Some of this became known after the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. One of those events occurred on October 4, 1982, near the Ukrainian town of Byelokoroviche. A disc-shaped UFO apparently hovered over a nuclear missile base for an extended period. At one point during the encounter, a number of nuclear missiles suddenly activated—without authorization from Moscow or any action being taken by the missile launch officers—and were preparing to launch. Fortunately, after 15 seconds, the anomalous activation ceased and the missiles returned to stand-by status.

Will our visitors let us destroy our world? What am I supposed to think about this? It is as if the development of nuclear power and nuclear weapons has attracted UFO scrutiny. Book One of The Allies of Humanity, published in the late 1990’s, mentions this.

“It is necessary for people everywhere to understand that humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. Your world is being “visited” by several alien races and by several different organizations of races. This has been actively going on for some time. There have been visitations throughout human history, but nothing of this magnitude. The advent of nuclear weapons [emphasis mine] and the destruction of your natural world have brought these forces to your shores.”

Nowadays people don’t think of nuclear tests, but in the 1950’s and 1960’s, a great many nuclear tests happened above ground. If you were a visitor from outer space, and you observed this taking place, what would you think?

Two recent public opinion polls showed UFOs were not considered a military threat. I wonder how many of the respondents to that poll were aware of these events. I think I had heard of them in passing, but I didn’t pay much attention to them at the time.

All I know is that day by day the evidence grows. The New Message from God teaches what is currently a minority viewpoint on the subject of extraterrestrials.

1) Intelligent extraterrestrial life exists
2) Extraterrestrials are intervening in human affairs today
3) This extraterrestrial intervention is a threat to human freedom

I realize some people consider this not only false, but impossible. But many things once thought to be impossible have turned out to be so. This is a passage from the revelation “The Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity.” It is one of the chapters of the recently released book “Preparing for the Greater Community.”

“Day by day the evidence grows. Day by day more people are becoming aware. But there is still tremendous ignorance and denial. There is still tremendous manipulation of the evidence. It is very hard for people to gain any reliable information now.

The governments of the world will not tell you what they know. The religious institutions of the world cannot help you. People are filled with superstition. They are filled with hope. They are filled with wild expectancy. But who can see clearly? Whose thoughts are clear and unaffected by the prevailing attitudes and beliefs of society?”

It takes a certain intellectual and emotional preparation to see clearly. I do not claim to think clearly. I claim to be working on seeing clearly. Will our visitors let us destroy our world? Maybe not. But that doesn’t imply their benevolence.

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