Where Will They Go, The Ones Who Did Not See?

Chad-Refugees Where will they go, the ones who did not see

This post is the second post in a series of posts unpacking the New Message from God revelation “The Race to Save Human Civilization,” received by Marshall Vian Summers in July of 2009. The first post is here.

1/26/2015 UPDATE:The next post in the series is here.

Where will they go, the ones who did not see?

This is the fifth paragraph from The Race to Save Human Civilization.

“Millions of people will have to flee the arid regions of the world. Coastal regions will be flooded and impacted by tremendously powerful storms and violent weather. People will have to move due to economic reasons—failure of local economies and in some cases national economies.”

The United Nations (UN) uses the term “drylands” to describe deserts, semi-desert regions, grasslands and rangelands. The UN reports that roughly 340 million people live in either desert or semi-desert regions.

When I looked through the member nations of the United Nations, there are a number of island nations, such as the Bahamas, Cape Verde, the Comoros, etc. The populations of these islands are much smaller than that of the arid regions, but they may have to move as well. Where will they go, the ones who did not see?

When I look at this animation of global rainfall from 1998 to 2014, I get the idea that rainfall patterns have been reasonably stable during this period. But in the greater scheme of things, this is a pretty short observation period. Why should these patterns change? I don’t know. I can imagine multiple possibilities. All I know is that the New Message from God teaches on multiple occasions that the future for which you can now prepare will contain great climate-based social disruptions.

“Where will they all go, these people, who did not see and did not recognize? Who will accept them into their nation? Who will accept the flood of thousands and millions of people who must now leave their homelands or who must relocate within their own nation? The social disruption will be immense. The political tension will be immense. The call for compassion and the ending of grievances will be immense. This will be a humanitarian tragedy and a humanitarian need on a scale never seen before.”

In my nation of America, there is vigorous debate at this moment regarding the issue of immigration. What would happen if the people in the arid regions of Mexico had to flee because they couldn’t grow food there anymore? Will we accept them into our nation? What will they do if we don’t? “The social disruption will be immense” is a relatively polite way of putting it. Where will they go, the ones who did not see?

“The world cannot afford to descend into chaos or humanity will not have a future. Really, what is at stake here is rescuing human civilization. Human civilization that seems so dominant, so powerful and so well established today, tomorrow and the days to come will seem ever more fragile and vulnerable.”

While there is debate on the value of the number, many people have observed throughout the ages that a human society is k missed meals away from anarchy/revolution, where 3 <= k <= 9. Where will they go, the ones who did not see? And what will they do when they get there?

“It is really now a race to save human civilization from collapse and ruin. This is something that any person can see once they are alerted to the Great Waves of change, once they begin to listen to the sounds of the world and see the signs that the world is producing.”

This is clearly not about just getting you and your loved ones through a particular event. I realize that many people will consider this a jarring message. But where will they go, the ones who did not see? And what will you do when they come to a country near you?

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