How Will We Feed A Million Hungry Guests?

multitude How will we feed a million hungry guests?This is the fourth in a series of posts on the New Message from God revelation, “The Race to Save Human Civilization,” received by Marshall Vian Summers in Aleppo, Syria in 2009. The first post in the series is here. The previous post in the series is here. The following is the thirteenth paragraph of The Race to Save Human Civilization.

2/10/2015 UPDATE: The next post in the series is here.

How will we feed a million hungry guests?

“The peoples who will have to flee the stricken areas, they will have to be absorbed by nations around the world. They cannot simply move next door because the nation next door is likely to be facing the same crisis. It will be a great diaspora, a dispersion of peoples out of their homeland away from their traditional way of life into a very different set of circumstances. This will produce greater strain and difficulty.”

How will we feed a million hungry guests? As I pondered this, I could imagine that people living on an island facing rising sea levels couldn’t easily move to the island next door, as the island next door would be facing rising sea levels as well. People living in a coastal region facing rising sea levels couldn’t easily move to the coastal region next door. It was mentioned in an earlier paragraph that millions would have to flee the arid regions of the world. People fleeing an arid region couldn’t easily move to the arid region next door.

“Primary here is literally how will you feed the peoples of the world when the world loses 30% of its agriculture, which is what you are really facing, you see? Violent weather, the change in the climate and the impact upon the world’s geologic and biologic systems will create so much imbalance, that even if you could find a home for all of the displaced peoples, how would you feed them? And the residents of the receiving nations, how will they respond towards this? These are questions that have yet to be answered, questions that you should now consider—you who stand at the threshold of great change, you who perhaps have the luxury to consider these things and to plan your life and to rearrange your priorities.”

How will we feed a million hungry guests? The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel was shown a valley of dry bones. God asked the prophet “Son of man, can these bones live?” The prophet answered “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.” It is as if the purpose of this paragraph is to get us out of thinking that with a little technical and logistical cleverness, we’ll get through this series of big, ongoing disruptions. It’s going to take more than that.

“The cities will become so filled with people that it will be very difficult to provide food and water for them, even in the well-established countries, even in the countries where there is greater affluence. How will you feed a million new people added to a city of millions already? The teeming city, you can hear the sounds. How much can a city hold? What are the limits of its provision? What is the tolerance of its people?”

How will we feed a million hungry guests? 20th Century American writer Robert Heinlein wrote: “Animals can be driven crazy by placing too many in too small a pen. Homo sapiens is the only animal that voluntarily does this to himself.” The problems are so much more than just food and water. How well can you live without the artifacts of your culture? How well will people be able to live without a certain amount of private space? What kind of stress will the million new visitors put on the physical and social infrastructure? The phrase “strain and difficulty” mentioned above, is a very polite way of putting it.

“The situation will become so severe that even families in the wealthy nations will have to consider taking a family from a poorer nation into their home. How many people will be willing to do this? How bad does it have to get before people’s preferences, prejudices and personal requirements are superceded by a critical need?”

How will we feed a million hungry guests? You may not consider yourself to be wealthy. But if you have options as to what to eat, what to wear, and so forth, you are relatively wealthy. You might even be rich without thinking you’re rich. I wonder whether anyone gets it when I write about how far out of your current self you’re going to have to get to be a strong contributor during times like these. I wonder whether I get it.

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