Why Can’t I Forget My Poor Choices?

There are many people who manage to avoid the meta-mistake of justifying their mistakes, only to be tormented by their mistakes of the past.  They wish to forget the pain and suffering their mistakes caused, and sometimes think that if they forgot their mistakes, they could escape the torment.

Unfortunately, this is another variation on the theme of redacting one’s experience, creating a false self which is apart from life.  The cost is much higher than the benefit.

Furthermore, if I really could forget my mistakes, what would keep me from making them again?  What would keep me from an endless cycle of suffering?  It’s just not worth it.


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1 thought on “Why Can’t I Forget My Poor Choices?

  1. This and the previous post are causing me to ponder in greater depth the whole issue of mistakes, learning from them (or not), trying to forget them or justify them, creating a false self that is apart from life — all extremely rich food for thought. Thank you.

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