Who Is My Spiritual Family?

I am writing this post today because I want to share my recent experience and because the Step I have just completed speaks to this very experience.

Step 186 of Steps to Knowledge talks about my Spiritual Family and about reclaiming unto myself the individuals who belong to my Spiritual Family. The concept of Spiritual Family is first mentioned in Step 75, then in three more Steps (92, 111, and 116) prior to Step 186. However, it was not until I reached this Step (186) that my understanding of Spiritual Family opened in new bloom.

I would like to reiterate at this point that I am a beginning student and so permit myself the liberty of getting things wrong this time around. Therefore, I fully accept the fact that I may be wrong about my Spiritual Family. But my experience is this.

Who is my Spiritual Family?

My study of Step 186 coincided with the passing of my father on August 20. Now I have entertained the thought in the past that the members of my immediate family are people I have known before and so, potentially, are members of my Spiritual Family. And I understand this Step to be confirming this when it says that my relationship with the individuals I have reclaimed as my Spiritual Family is something I have cultivated thus far in my evolution up to this time and will be carried forward beyond my life in this world.

My father’s passing is my first experience of the death of a close family member and I was not expecting to feel what I felt. I felt and still feel the close presence of my father’s spirit, watching over and supporting me, even giving me advice. Paradoxically, this presence and counsel is stronger and more potent than I ever felt while my father was alive. I feel he is serving me and the rest of our Spiritual Family from this new dimension beyond the physical. This is an aspect of my Spiritual Family I have come to understand.

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