What Lies Ten Years Further Down This Road?

What lies ten years further down this road?
Trollstigen in Norway

When I started studying Steps to Knowledge in 2010, I didn’t think I would still be engaged with it ten years later. In fact, I didn’t think about what would be happening ten years later at all. I thought I might be insufficiently amused, and move on to something else. I was afraid I might be found incompetent as a student. Other unhappy thoughts assailed me along the way. But through some beautiful combination of inspiration, determination and relationship, I have continued to mine the riches of the New Message from God.

What lies ten years further down this road?

Around the time of my birthday in August of 2020, I had a feeling. I felt I should think the past ten years of engagement with the New Message from God, and weigh it in the balance of my experience. I declare that the New Message from God and I have been good to each other over the past ten years. I am happy to have gotten through the past ten years without creating a calamity or a disaster. I believe I’m much kinder and gentler to myself than I was ten years ago. I correct my errors and manage my weaknesses, but with a greater compassion. I find things to do, and they find me. To me, that is worth the world.

https://mysteryofascension.com/the-work-is-progressing-the-people-are-working/What lies ten years further down the road? I believe I have made a little progress in the Greater Community Way of Knowledge. I seem to need this journey to assist me in attempting to become a nobler and stronger person. I would like to think I have a sporting chance of giving my gifts to a troubled, yet promising world. Some things have been accomplished. So much lies beyond me. What lies beyond seems improbable or inconceivable in my current frame of reference. But I can prepare for it. Abraham Lincoln said “I will study and prepare myself, and someday my chance will come.” I will do likewise.

Where will we be in ten years? Rejoicing over the New Message being available in the languages of the world. Rejoicing over the good soil into which the seed of revelation has been sown. Rejoicing over those upon whom the rays of initiation have been shown. Rejoicing over the miracles in the world that have come from the presence of Knowledge, the efforts that have been made to mitigate the Great Waves of Change. Will I be able to say “Now, Lord, let your servant depart in peace,” like Simeon in the Gospels? I don’t know. But I’m ready to work on this impossible work. One day it will be merely difficult. One day it will be done.

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7 thoughts on “What Lies Ten Years Further Down This Road?

  1. This is very inspiring! When I read that you have become kinder and gentler to yourself over the last ten years, I was reminded of what Reed said in the Summit session today “Working with the Mind.” He asked when was the last time we had looked at ourselves in the mirror and been happy about what we saw.

    I look forward to being with you for the next ten years.

  2. Douglass, thanks for sharing your experience with Steps. I have only been reading since 3 years and I have experienced the unseen ones sometimes!

  3. Thank you, Douglass, for evaluating your own experience and taking time to share with us. Very relatable, meaningful, and a pleasure to read.~nnc

  4. Thank you Douglas for this piece; quite inspiring! I can relate to much of what you have said. The Steps is full of Mystery and Truth as is all life here and throughout the universe/Greater Community. It has given me an opportunity to begin to feel life around me and be present to that and also the life I have come from and carry with me part of the Great Coordination. Blessings to you for staying with the New Message and all it asks of us. You are important and needed more than ever! Nasi Novare coram

  5. Thanks, Douglas, for your heartfelt testimony about the New Message. I am with you all the way. A simple life, a well-examined life, a life worth living.

  6. Thank you Douglas for sharing your experience ?
    I have faith my experience will grow in the next 10 years as the steps continue to take me forward. The last 7 years of student hood have opened my eyes unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. “Heaven rejoices in those who can receive its revelation for the world.”
    MVS DEC 2015

  7. I had been reading Allies for a year before I ever wondered if there was anyone else reading it and wondered if anyone else was doing this Steps to Knowledge thing. I think I was a year into Steps and bumped into you out there somewhere Douglas. It took some time with back and forth texts between us for me to get it that you and I were NOT the only 2 people who knew about Allies of Humanity and Steps to Knowledge, that there were other students of This New Message from God and that people actually talked, up to date with this Mr. Marshall Vian Summers fellow. The beard is awesome, really does you justice speaking of transformations.

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