What Is This Great Truth?

From time to time, I am not pleased with my study of a step in Steps to Knowledge.  I have an unhappiness that there is something there I’m supposed to realize or experience, that I’m not experiencing.  I feel that way about Step 25 “I am at one with the greatest truth in life” these days.  But instead of trying to analyze it further, I’m going to share something which approaches the step from another direction.

I have already shared the poem “Last Night, As I Was Sleeping” by Antonio Machado, translated by Robert Bly.  I have had a desire to find music that goes with this lovely poem.  The details can be found here, but to say it succinctly, the music is composed by J. S. Bach, arranged for classical guitar by Rick Foster, and performed by David Franzen.

People seem to have taken a certain degree of enjoyment in this.  And as I think on this, I think that maybe the great truth to which Step 25 is referring is “my true self is not apart from life, my true self wishes to intensely participate in life.”


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1 thought on “What Is This Great Truth?

  1. You are not alone. I too experience this unhappiness or frustration, perhaps, that I am missing some vital point as I practice Steps, that there is something just out of my grasp that I am failing to realize or experience. At such moments, I take comfort in the fact that Steps often recommend that I do not analyze or draw conclusions, that I am still a beginning student and more shall be revealed.

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