What Is The Power Of Knowledge?

This is the eleventh post in a series of posts on the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This revelation is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

What have we seen so far? Every nation must seek the security of the world, not just its own security. A united humanity is necessary to resist the extraterrestrial intervention. Humanity must unite to successfully respond to declining resources and changing climate.

What is the power of Knowledge?

The following is the 67th paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

At the beginning, you will be afraid. We understand. It is natural; it is normal. We are not expecting you to be all knowing and all powerful, but We are asking you to become responsible. You will have to move beyond your fear, and you will, if you proceed.

What is the power of Knowledge?
Step 152 of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God

[ I can imagine that people will be greatly afraid as the Great Waves of Change keep arriving on our shores. There are 12 different steps scattered throughout the 365 steps of Steps to Knowledge that address the subject of fear.]

God has sent a preparation to engage with the power of Knowledge within yourself, presented in such a way that it can be translated throughout the world in the simplest possible terms, but with the greatest depth you can imagine—a preparation sent from God. That has never happened in the world before.

What is the power of Knowledge?

[Steps to Knowledge is that preparation. It has been translated into 18 different languages, and is in progress in 10 additional languages. The readability level of Steps to Knowledge is roughly that of a high school freshman. This has made it relatively easy to translate into the languages of the world.]

Preparations have been created and invented, but something direct from God? God would not respond unless the world and humanity were in great danger.

Step 170 of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God.

[ I do not claim to have even scratched the surface of what Steps to Knowledge offers to people. I hope and believe that my efforts will make it easier for future students to demonstrate the power of Knowledge.]

Nothing else will make you strong. Nothing else will make you whole. Nothing else will make you competent. Nothing else will engage you in meaningful relationships. Nothing else will unite you with others and heal the wounds of Separation between peoples and nations and cultures and religions, but to face these things We speak of here today and to receive a Revelation that is the next great step in God’s preparation for this world, given at a time of the most profound need and difficulty.

Step 234 of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God

[ What is the power of Knowledge? Knowledge will not make you rich, famous or glamorous. It might make you essential, less complex and deeper. Knowledge could inspire you to do something important for the welfare of your world.]

The Messenger will go forth and speak of these things, as he has done before. He will speak to your heart, but he will also speak to your strength. He will reassure you that there is no condemnation in God, no Hell and damnation in God, for that is a human creation.

The Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, is in plain sight in the world

[ The Messenger is in the world. The Messenger entered the world in the usual way in 1949. The Messenger is the man Marshall Vian Summers. It took a long time before he declared as the Messenger by his Message. Some people will look at world events and believe God is judging the world. But God is only the witness. ]

But you are living in a hellish state, and God’s Plan is to rescue you from this by giving you important things to do in the world—things that are needed, not simply things that would make you feel good in the moment; things that are required; things that will make a real difference.

[ What is the power of Knowledge? The power to look at the world with eyes unclouded by longing, unclouded by terror. It is the ability to respond to inner inspiration instead of social conditioning. A capacity of responding to a situation unhindered by persuasion or discouragement. To do things that will make a real difference. Oh, how I long for this power! I long to be a worthy vessel of Knowledge. ]

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