What Happens If I Fail At My Mission?

I’m thinking that if someone has been reading carefully, they might be thinking the following: “Douglas, you have described the New Message from God practice of observation without judgment.  You have argued that the New Message from God practice of observation without judgment is a confirmation of the teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.  But then you turn around and reject the New Age belief that everyone is where they need to be in terms of their awareness and development.  Surely there is a judgment for a person not being where they need to be, not living the life they were meant to live!  If you don’t believe in this judgment, then you want to have your cake and eat it too!  If you don’t believe in consequences for not living the life you were meant to live, then you’re working both sides of the street, buddy!”

What is my answer to this challenge?  My answer is “Ah, but we do believe in consequences for not living the life we were meant to live.”  We do believe in consequences for failing, for whatever reason, in one’s mission in life.  This particular answer comes from the book Greater Community Spirituality:

“There are no Heavens or Hells.  There is only work to be done, and there is only success or failure in this regard.  If you succeed, you advance and you progress. If you fail, you set yourself and your Spiritual Family back.  Failure is not always a matter of neglect.  Sometimes it is circumstantial.  In this, there is no blame. However, realizing the importance of achieving success in finding your purpose in life as it truly exists and not as you would have it be is a great accomplishment.  This guarantees a satisfaction and a sense of meaning that can never be found in any other way.”

What happens if I fail at my mission?  What happens if I fail, for whatever reason, to meet the people I came into the world to meet?  What happens if I fail, for whatever reason, to give the gifts I came into the world to give?  I set myself and my Spiritual Family back, and I have to try again.  Yes, this is sympathetic to certain teachings in Hinduism.

Did Adolf Hitler succeed in his mission in life?  I believe he did not.  What was Adolf Hitler’s mission in life?  I don’t know, but I don’t believe it was what he actually did.  What is Adolf Hitler doing now?  Trying again, or preparing to try again, like everyone else who failed, for whatever reason, at their mission in life.

I realize some people may find this line of thought to be unsatisfactory.  But I believe I have successfully answered the challenge that I’m having my cake and eating it too, or working both sides of the street.

* * *

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