What Does It Mean If I Struggle?

What does it mean if I struggle?

I wish to continue interacting with the Religious Conditioning Self-Test. People of all religions struggle from time to time. They struggle with illness. Struggles with mental health occur from time to time. They experience financial difficulties. But some people compound the struggle by declaring, either openly or privately, that the struggle implies a lack of faith on their part. Therefore, the Religious Conditioning Self-Test asks these questions.

  • If I struggle with illness, does it mean I lack faith?
  • If I struggle with mental health issues, does it mean I lack faith?
  • If I struggle financially, does it mean I lack faith?

What does it mean if I struggle?

The New Message from God encourages its followers to build and balance strength in four particular areas of life. These are known as the Four Pillars, and they are 1) relationships, 2) career and providership, 3) health and 4) spiritual development. The New Message gives further detail as how to strengthen each of these areas.

If I struggle in my health, I believe it says nothing about my faith or the lack thereof. A health difficulty could be due to an error of omission or an error of commission on my part. Perhaps I am neglecting some aspect of self-care, such as hygiene or exercise. I might be eating too much or drinking too much. Maybe I’m eating or drinking things that aren’t good for me. This approach brings the problem much closer to my behavior, instead of anything about my relationship with God.

If I struggle in my finances, I might be living beyond my means. I might be spending money on things I can get along just fine without. I have to weigh my relationships, my activities and my possessions in the balance of my experience. Perhaps some things should be deleted if I am over budget. Maybe I really do need more money to do what I feel I must do. It works both ways. But again, I’m not waiting for God to do anything. I can do something about it.

What does it mean if I struggle? It could mean one or more of my Four Pillars are weak. It could mean I am obsessed with one particular Pillar to the expense of the others. There are countless examples of people who have failed to fully give their gifts, because of imbalance in their Four Pillars. I claim to be working on strength and balance in these areas.

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