What Do I Really Know?

What do I really know?

When I first approached Step 3. What Do I Really Know?, I wanted to shout out “I know nothing!” And really I don’t. I don’t know anything for sure. Aha! So that’s the bottom line. What can I say I really know for sure? Nothing!

I know at some deep gut level, at the level of the soul (how poetic that sounds!), that Steps to Knowledge is true, that Steps to Knowledge come from a pure, unadulterated source, that Steps to Knowledge is a teaching I find worth pursuing, that practicing Steps to Knowledge is changing my life in a qualitative way. But can I say I know this for sure? And what do I actually mean by “for sure?”

The way the world works today, “for sure” needs some substantial base under it, it needs to have some facts and figures backing it, it needs some empirical evidence to prove it, something that can be seen with the eyes, heard with the ears, touched, tweaked and tasted, something solid and real.

None of what I might tentatively say I know for sure has any of this. So I concede that I know nothing, nothing of substance, nothing for sure. I am happy with this since it means I am not basing what I know on beliefs or assumptions or, heaven forbid, on the beliefs and assumptions of other people or even of humanity at large.

In the marrow of my bones, in the backwaters of my soul, I really know something else, some deeper truth that is only mine, what I will describe as gnosis—personal knowledge that is experienced rather than intellectual knowledge based on scientific facts.

Upon even closer examination, I discover that what I really know goes far back into the depths of time, it goes beyond me into some unfathomable Mystery, it is something I have always known, but forgotten, so tend to doubt.

I am told though to “never doubt what you have always known.”

I take this with me as I go on.

* * *

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