What Could The Way To Knowledge Be Like?

Since the name of the book is Steps to Knowledge, when I look at step 37 “There is a way to Knowledge,” I think to myself “There had darn well better be!”  It should be noted that Steps to Knowledge does not assert that it is the only way to Knowledge.

“There is a way to Knowledge. It requires skill and desire. Both will take time to develop. You must learn to value the true and not to value the false, and it takes time to learn to separate the two and to recognize them. It takes time to learn that the false does not satisfy you and that the true does satisfy you. This must be learned through trial and error and through contrast. As you approach Knowledge, your life becomes more full, more certain and more direct. As you go away from it, you reenter confusion, frustration and anger.”

Many voices claim to be that of my true self.  Are any of them right?  The practice for this step is to contemplate ways to get to Knowledge.  I wrote down about a page worth of possibilities when I did this step.  I would like to believe that some of the things I wrote down worked for someone at some time, but I don’t claim to know this.  How am I to attain to the mystery of my life?
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1 thought on “What Could The Way To Knowledge Be Like?

  1. I remember feeling resistance to the practice of writing down all the ways I could think of to gain access to knowledge, mainly because my mind was a blank at first and I didn’t want to apply it to the task at hand. But once I started, the ways just flowed onto the page, and I realized that this is an inner journey and the mystery will be revealed with perserverance and dedication, I will undertand it and attain it as I seek it and apply my mind to it.

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