What Are My Mistakes Good For?

Step 26 in Steps to Knowledge is the first step with the word “errors” in the actual step.  The word “errors” first appeared in step 24, “I am worthy of God’s love.”

“Your life may be filled with errors and mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come from your Ancient Home to which you will return. Your worthiness in
the sight of God is unchanged. There is only great effort to repair your errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be rendered into the world.”

I recall having a certain amount of apprehension when I read the bit about great effort to repair my errors.  I recall thinking to myself “Oh dear, that might take a while.”

There is an idea in our culture which could be expressed in the form “Everything that happens to me happens for a purpose, and it serves me.” The context in which this step places that idea is “The pain people experience as a result of their wrong decisions causes people to value truth, which can lead to true Knowledge.  There are poor choices people make, which are not only purposeless and meaningless, but a hindrance to meaning and direction. These poor choices cause a great deal of suffering.  Stop making errors, mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, so that you can stop suffering so much.”

The Prodigal Son took the counsel of this step, learning to value truth through the pain of his errors.


* * *

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1 thought on “What Are My Mistakes Good For?

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that ““Everything that happens to me happens for a purpose, and it serves me.” And I remember taking particular comfort in the following line from this Step: “What this truly means is that you recognize that error is error and then you attempt to use it on your own behalf.”

    To me the greatest effort required in repairing my errors is recognizing them in the first place.

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