What Am I Trying To Prove?

Cirque Mechanics Birdhouse Factory. What am I trying to proveStep 91 of Steps to Knowledge is a review of the steps from Step 85 “I find happiness in small things today” to Step 90 “Today I will make no assumptions.”

What am I trying to prove?

During this series of steps, I noticed that Step 88, “My Higher Self is not an individual” is the only step in Steps to Knowledge which uses the phrase “Higher Self.” The Step 91 Review also contains a word which appears only once in Steps to Knowledge. That word is “showmanship.”

“Learn how to learn. Learn about the process of learning. Do not use learning as a form of showmanship. Do not use learning to try to prove your worth to yourself. You cannot prove your worth. It is beyond your efforts to prove it. Your worth will demonstrate itself when you allow it, which you are now learning to do.”

What am I trying to prove? In earlier steps, students have been challenged to develop listening without preference and seeing without preference. Can I learn without preference? Can I learn without enlisting my learning as a foot soldier in my quest for your appreciation? I surmise that the rebuke of showmanship is giving an indirect reminder of the conversation about worth started in Step 24, “I am worthy of God’s love.”

Here is the word cloud for steps 85 through 90:

Steps To Knowledge Steps 85-90 Word Cloud. What am I trying to proveOn further review, I believe there are better uses of my time than separating out the words in the word cloud so that they can be remixed the way I like.

What am I trying to prove? Who am I trying to prove it to? Can I justify your love? Should I justify your love? Would it be progress to just abandon the whole enterprise?

* * *

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