“We’re Going To Need A Bigger Room”

Marshall Vian Summers in Siem Reap, Cambodia We're going to need a bigger roomMarshall Vian Summers spoke briefly at the 2014 Encampment of the New Message from God. He gave a brief blessing at the end of the first day. On the second day, he read a page from his book Secrets of Heaven, then said “That’s my teaching for tonight.”

We’re going to need a bigger room

He compared his journey to that of the character Mojud in the dervish tale “The Man with the Inexplicable Life.”. Mojud was guided by a mysterious, benevolent teacher with great wisdom and mystic knowledge. He was guided to go to places he had never been, and to do things he had never done. And as he went to these places and did these things, certain miraculous things started to happen. Sometime around the time Marshall referred to this story, he said “Heaven needs to know that I’m reliable.”

On the evening of the third day, he opened himself a little to questions from the attendees. His answers were relatively succinct. But he said something that evening that struck me like a bomb, and still does when I recall it. He asked “What is 4% of the 7 point something population of the world?” I foolishly shouted out “28 million!” It turns out I was low by an order of magnitude. It was actually 280 million. After the 280,000,000 was confirmed, Marshall, with a slightly mischievous grin, calmly said “We’re going to need a bigger room” to great laughter.

I realize that some might consider that remark to be highly ambitious. On the other hand, he didn’t set a deadline, so he might be referring to sometime in the future. But there is a phrase ringing and singing in my soul, and that phrase is “The world is ‘here,’ the future is ‘now.'” What do we need to get to 280,000,000? Multiple miracles. Perhaps that’s what the Step 28 prayer of Steps to Knowledge was referring to when it said, “I accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence of Knowledge…” All I know is that if 4% of the world engaged with the New Message from God, humanity would be a much better, much stronger race.

We’re going to need a bigger room. I’m going to lie down for a while.

* * *

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  1. Thank you Douglas, for this beautifully written, honest and heartfelt insight into the Sacred environment of Encampment, the Messenger, and of ‘things to come’.

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