We Raise Our Flag And Anthem

We raise our flag and anthem
International Flag of Planet Earth, created by Oskar Pernefeldt, 2015
We raise our flag and anthem
Oskar Pernefeldt, creator of the International Flag of Planet Earth

The New Message from God tells us repeatedly that human unity is not just a good idea. Human unity is a requirement for survival in a future of big, ongoing disruptions. A future world of diminishing resources, less hospitable climate, environmental degradation, and extraterrestrial intervention. I therefore take encouragement in action taken to promote human unity. The person taking the action is Oskar Pernefeldt. The action is creating an international flag for planet earth.

We raise our flag and anthem

We raise our flag and anthem
Astronaut with International Flag of Planet Earth

In 2015, Oskar was a student of the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. As part of his graduation project, he designed a flag for the world. I consider this a project requiring not only graphic skill, but a certain openness of heart and mind. This flag must be more than a beautiful design. It must be a graphic proclamation of human unity.

How does this promote human unity?

Seed of Life pattern in Temple of Osiris, Abydos, Egypt

The pattern of the flag of planet earth is a variation on a ancient pattern. This pattern has come to be known as the “seed of life.” It is part of a larger pattern called the flower of life.

The Seed of Life embedded in the Flower of Life

This pattern has been seen in temples of many faiths in many nations. I consider this a feature in prospective world flag. It’s important that any flag for planet earth not have a strong association with any ethnicity, nationality or religion. I find the multiple symmetries of the pattern to be satisfying. Many people see flower images when they look at this pattern. I see chain mail and strength. Each circle is held in place by a number of other circles. I find the seven circles of this pattern to be particularly satisfying.

“In the meeting place I sit beside betwixt the points of heaven
I befell a friendly atmosphere revolving around seven
Oh that number mystified my soul captured within feelings
Those of doubt and understanding hand in hand they set me reeling”

Jon Anderson – “Song of Seven

We husband seven continents

We raise our flag and anthem

I am taking inspiration from Oskar Pernefeldt’s design to make my own attempt at human unity. Last year I dreamed of an anthem for the world. This year, I am writing one.

We chant the human family,
We sing humanity!
We husband seven continents,
We nurture seven seas!
Pursuing Heaven’s freedom
With open heart and mind,
We raise our flag and anthem,
We sing of humankind!

In my mind’s ear, I hear the melody “Aurelia,” composed in 1864 by Samuel Sebastian Wesley. I realize that using a Christian hymn tune could be a disqualifer, but it’s what I hear. Someone is reading this and thinking, “Douglas, humanity is not ready for these words!” But I say that one day we will be. It took 39 years between the time Jana Gana Mana was first sung at the India National Congress in 1911, and the time it became the national anthem of India in 1950. I will learn patience today. We raise our flag and anthem.

* * *

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  1. Inspiring! Thank you!
    “Humanity will not be united because of an agreed political agenda or shared ideology or shared religion. It will not be the result of a natural reconciliation between cultures, nations and groups. It will be generated by a very fundamental truth—the truth that united you can succeed, but divided you will fail” ~ “What Will End War, The New Message From God

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