We Face A Challenge To Our Freedom

Cover of The Allies of Humanity Book One. We face a challenge to our freedom

And by “we,” I mean “the human race, the human family, my people.” From time to time, I have shared my Amazon reviews of the books of the New Message from God. In 2013, I shared a review of the book “The Great Waves of Change.” In 2014, I shared a review of the book “Steps to Knowledge.”. Also in 2014, I shared a review of the book “Life in the Universe.” I am now sharing my Amazon review of the book “The Allies of Humanity, Book One” with some images.

We face a challenge to our freedom

There are three books in the Allies of Humanity series. Books One and Two are available in paperback editions. Book Three is only available in electronic form.

First appearance of Uatu the Watcher. We face a challenge to our freedom

And by “we,” Marshall Vian Summers means “the crew of Spaceship Earth.” In this volume, Summers introduces humanity to a small group of individuals from multiple worlds, reporting their observations of events on and around our world. They are constrained from intervening, much like the character “The Watcher” in the Marvel Universe, but they are allowed to give a report.

Starship fleet. We face a challenge to our future.What is the problem? Intervention in human affairs by multiple “collectives,” multi-species, multi-planetary corporations which make McDonalds and Starbucks look like mom-and-pop grocery stores by comparison. The battle Jihad vs. McWorld is not only taking place in our world, but in space as well.

[We face a challenge to our freedom. How do we know these collectives exist? All we have is the testimony of the Allies of Humanity. How do we know the Allies of Humanity exist? We have the testimony of Marshall Vian Summers. Do you trust his testimony? I believe this Project Camelot video has helped a lot of people make up their minds.]


Scene from "The Man Who Fell To Earth" We face a challenge to our freedom.

What is the goal of this Intervention? Access to/control of Earth’s precious biological and mineral resources. As I read this book, I recalled the books Rare Earth: Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe and The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery. It should be noted that the collectives consider human beings to be just another biological resource, in the same way we think of domesticated animals.

[We face a challenge to our freedom. There was a time in human history when certain settlers and colonizers considered the indigenous peoples of certain regions to be a kind of intelligent animal whose labor could be exploited. Humanity is looked upon now by these collectives as a kind of intelligent animal.]

Manipulation puppetry. We face a challenge to our freedom.

How will the collectives achieve their goal? By manipulation of religious impulses, sowing the mental seeds of acquiescence, conformity, learned helplessness, waging a PR campaign that humanity is doomed without their help, engaging in an interbreeding program to more easily negotiate our environment.

[We face a challenge to our freedom. H. G. Wells was right when he wrote in “The War of the Worlds” how the Martians could not live in our environment. That is why an interbreeding program is underway.]

I wish to know my own strength. We face a challenge to our freedom

What can humanity do about this Intervention? Unite as a race, reverse environmental degredation, stop broadcasting everything about itself into outer space, develop greater resistance to persuasion and manipulation, take the Steps to Knowledge.

[We face a challenge to our freedom. I don’t know whether we will respond to the warning given by the Allies of Humanity. I hope we don’t find freedom to be too expensive.]

There are many more questions which could be asked, and they are asked and answered in a chapter near the end of the book.

* * *

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