We Don’t Ask For Much, Only Your Sainthood

We don't ask for much, only your sainthood.

I believe someone will say something like the following to me. “Douglas, you have told me countless times that there is a New Message from God in the world. I don’t believe it. However, your pig-headed devotion has convinced me you mean what you say. Therefore I am willing, possibly even curious, to know what your New Message has to say about certain things. What does the God of the New Message require of me?”

We don’t ask for much, only your sainthood

The New Message from God teaches that there is a part of you that never left God. You brought it with you when you came into the world. We call it Knowledge. The God of the New Message wants you to reclaim your Knowledge, and allow it to express itself in the world.

“How do I know such a thing is even possible?”

Because it has been done in the past. Some of the people who have accomplished this are better known than others. They followed various paths to get there. I say the greatest saints and strongest contributors of human history are people who reclaimed Knowledge.

“Why is this so important now?”

Because humanity is facing difficult times ahead, unprecedented challenges. It is standing on the threshold of emerging into a greater community of intelligent life. So it’s not just about your self-realization, but the welfare of humanity.

“What must I do to reclaim this ‘Knowledge?'”

Part of the New Message from God is a book called Steps to Knowledge. It is a book of spiritual practice. It is a book of 365 steps that lead a person in the direction of reclaiming Knowledge. I reviewed it here. I wrote about my experience of Steps to Knowledge here and here.

We don’t ask for much, only your sainthood. Maybe you have issues with the word “sainthood.” If you prefer, we don’t ask for much, only your strong contribution. There must be many strong contributors in the world now, or humanity faces a great and precipitous decline.

* * *

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