The Messenger’s Vigil – Living the Way of Knowledge

The Messenger’s Vigil – Living the Way of Knowledge

On Day Four of the Messenger’s Vigil 2017, Marshall invites us to explore what it means to live the Way of Knowledge. And the second great cornerstone of the New Message is the Way of Knowledge–the preparation for our emergence into the Greater Community and one of the purest first threads woven into this fabric by the Source community through the Messenger.

We are invited to consider the following during this day of the Vigil:

Living the Way of Knowledge;

Living the Way of Preparation;

Living the Way of Service.

Steps to Knowledge is the core text that teaches us these things.

Dedication to Steps to Knowledge:

“This method is given to all students of Knowledge in the world with gratitude and high expectation from your Spiritual Family. Follow the instructions as they are given. In this way, the power and efficacy of this work will be revealed to you and, therefore, our gift to you will have been given. It is with great excitement that We bestow this upon you and, through you, upon your world.”

Living the Way of Knowledge

What is needed to live the Way of Knowledge and to eventually become a man or woman of Knowledge?

The answer lies in building our strength and resilience.

A revelation called “Building Strength and Resilience” opens the doors to the preparation required for living the Way of Knowledge.

We listen to the Voice of Revelation, which says, in part:

“When you reach that point in your life when you begin to seriously think that you might have a greater purpose in being here—a recognition that is certainly waiting for you and has been waiting for you for a very long time—when you begin to think of this, you must consider the issue of strength. People assume they are ready for things they are not ready for. They assume, if given the opportunity, if given the encouragement, that they could undertake a more important set of tasks in their life.

“But the truth is they do not have the strength, and they do not yet have the capacity…

“The Angelic Presence needs to know that you have the courage and the stamina to do what will be required. Before they reveal to you anything really important, they want to see if you can sustain the effort, if you can be responsible enough, if you can correct your damaging self-tendencies, if you can be consistent, and if you can be strong.”

Personally, I find this Voice gentle and comforting, with a hint of humor, on the one hand, but with a sense of “no nonsense,” on the other. This is a call to action.

And Marshall chose this revelation because we are ready for this, it is time. It is time to move, time to take action, time to stop wasting our lives on unnecessary and foolish things.

Living the Way of Preparation

However, preparation comes before the journey.

You prepare by taking stock of your life and taking your cues at the level of the heart. For life can be lived in two ways, either at the surface, or at the level of the heart. At the surface, life is idealized, but at the level of the heart, life is experienced. At the surface, things are believed, but at the level of the heart, things are known. At the heart of life, you bring yourself into direct contact with the essence of life as it stirs within you and as it moves and guides you within the world to accomplish your specific task here. (Taken from the Introduction to Living the Way of Knowledge.)

“Whatever you establish in your life is only as strong as the foundation underneath it. Once your foundation in life becomes strong, then great things can be built upon it.” Living the Way of Knowledge, Chapter Two: The Four Pillars of Life.

And you move to the place you need to be, with the people you need to be with, and fulfill the purpose you are meant to fulfill.

Living the Way of Service

Marshall said: “When you finally get to the place, people and purpose, you face a different kind of set of challenges of how you are going hold it all in balance. You have to have much more control of your life, much more awareness in the moment, you have a lot of things to sustain, you have to be very present, you have to be looking over the horizon, and you also have to know where you’ve been. So now you have a symphony of things you are doing, because that’s what it means to live an inspired and determined life.

“You become much more certain about what you are doing, but there is always the uncertainty about who is directing you and where you are going. This is where certainty needs to happen, but uncertainty needs to be allowed.

“The Angelic Presence did the work to bring this to you, now you must do the work to receive it, embody it, and give it to others. That’s the work in a nutshell.”

Marshall ended the broadcast with a prayer:

“Let us take this time to honor the gracious Presence that abides with us, when we gather particularly.

“It wants us to be successful, it knows what that means.

“It wants to encourage us, but not overwhelm us, it knows what that means.

“It wants us to be faithful, but not slavish, it knows what that means.

“May the Presence teach us so that we may embody it too, and learn of it as all that is not real within us falls away, piece by piece, bit by bit, for it knows what that means.”

* * *

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