The Messenger’s Vigil – Walking With The Messenger

Walking With The Messenger

walking with the messenger

On the final day of the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil, we explore what it means to walk with the Messenger. What began as a small group of dedicated people has now burgeoned into a worldwide endeavor. There are people now walking with the Messenger all over the world, which means the sun never sets on this great cause. This is fortunate, since there are millions of people in the world waiting for the New Message.

The following passages illustrate this.

“So the Messenger can reach many more people in a very short period of time, which is necessary given the great crises on the horizon, but at the same time the resistance and the rejection can be overwhelming. It took centuries for religions to gain recognition beyond their point of origin in the world, spread very slowly because communication was very slow. Travel and transportation were very slow. Now God’s Revelation can be read by someone on the other side of the world with the click of a button.”

“The Messenger is facing a very hazardous journey ahead, for there will be much resistance to the New Revelation, as there has always been great resistance in the past to God’s Revelations in the world, whenever and wherever they were given.”

“The Messenger is facing a monumental task. He alone cannot bring the Revelation into the world. It will require the participation, the contribution and the communication of many others who can assist him in this way.”

How will you participate, contribute and communicate?

Walking with the Messenger

Reed says, “The door is open, and anyone who wants to can be a part of this. You get strong by doing difficult things and making important decisions. Everyone has this capability, and the New Message is providing the opportunity to do this.”

And he shares some more passages from God’s Ne Revelation.

“It is God’s Plan to keep Knowledge alive in this world in enough individuals to guide humanity through the dangerous events to come. God’s plan is to ignite Knowledge in enough people here in the world through God’s New Revelation for the world, to steer humanity in a positive direction and to keep Knowledge alive here.”

“God redeems you by giving you something important to do, something greater than your personal preoccupations, fears and concerns. This is how your value is restored to you. This is how your gift is discovered. And this is how your existence in the world is justified and blessed.”

We get stronger as we go. We find courage by taking on the things that demand courage. When engaging in service, it is important to know what the situation needs, not what you want to give. If you feel the need to give, do not control what it is you give, be open to giving what is needed.

How will you build strength and resilience?

Walking with the Messenger

The following are the things we must do.

Roadmap – The Way Forward

Continue to build and stabilize our pillars.

Continue doing the inner freedom work.

Practice Steps to Knowledge and those parts of the New Message that call to us.

Help the Society through advocacy and volunteering.

Financially support the New Message.

Share the New Message with new people.

Share the Greater Community reality with new people.

Help keep Knowledge alive in the world through our daily expression, practice and interactions.

walking with the Messenger

We have many steps ahead of us. We just need to keep our eye on the next step.

Honor the importance of time—make sure your time is well spent.

Follow the internal indicator—Knowledge—push/pull, go/stop.

Everyone’s time frame is unique to them.

Don’t take cues from one another, and respond to this feeling of the necessity of time within ourselves.

Walking with the Messenger

Then we listen to the Voice of Revelation sharing part of “Walking with the Messenger.”

“Everyone who can receive the Revelation, in humility and honesty, will be walking with the Messenger. In some degree, either great or small, they will be doing what he is doing. They will be following the pathway that he is blazing for everyone.

“Any true student will do this naturally because they are following Knowledge, and they are taking the Steps to Knowledge, and they are building a strong foundation for their greater and future life through the Four Pillars of development—the Pillar of Relationships, the Pillar of Work and Providership, the Pillar of Health and the Pillar of Spiritual Development.

“To walk with the Messenger is to understand the Revelation as it is pertaining to your own life and to the lives of those whom you will influence.”

Listen to all fourteen minutes shared, beginning at the 1.04.00 mark.

Walking with the Messenger

As for me, I say to the Messenger, I may not be walking right beside you, but I am walking with you in another part of the world. You said at the Chat this past Saturday (October 1, 2016), “I think of Jesus here and how few really knew him or his real mission at his time, only to have his identity reconstructed later on by others for their own purposes.” I have always felt there would be another Coming in my lifetime, not Jesus in person, but a phenomenon of the same ilk.

However, it still holds true that few really know you or your real mission at this time, but we now live in a different world, a world of fantastic information-spreading resources, and you are now making your public appearance. People are still likely to miscontrue and misinterpret your identity while you are here, but I pray that they will not reconstruct it for personal purposes in the future. For the New Message will remain in its pure and unsullied form, thanks to your unfailing effort, down through the eons of time.

Walking with The Messenger

Marshall ends the broadcast with a prayer.

walking with the Messenger

“My prayer is that you will walk with me, that you will follow this invisible light with me, not because you only believe in me, but because the spirit within you guides you to do this. I pray that you will help me bring this into the world, that is my effort. I pray that you will help me find those people who are searching for this even at this moment. For they will not find resolution without this, and they suffer without it as you have suffered without it.

“I pray that you will help me bring God’s Revelation about life in the universe into the world, help me prepare and warn humanity about the great challenge that is coming as we emerge into this great and fantastic arena of life. The preparation has been given. I am burdened with it. It must pass from me to others. I pray you will help me in my effort. I pray that you will help me bring the awareness and preparation for the new world that we are facing, for there is no escape from this. I pray that you will see this.

“I pray that you will help me keep Knowledge alive in the world by keeping Knowledge alive in yourself and in others, to hold that fire. In the face of all adversity, and doubt, and repudiation, tragedy and error that you and I might face, you must hold that fire, hold fast to it. I pray that you will help me keep this Knowledge alive. I pray that you will walk me in the unchartered territory ahead. This is my prayer for you. It is my prayer for them. They know I cannot carry this alone. Nasi Novare Coram.

“Remember me, no matter what happens.”

* * *

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