Who Had The Vision To See The Danger?

Spaceship_Earth_2 Who had the vision to see the danger?This is the sixth post in a series of posts in the New Message from God revelation “The Race To Save Human Civilization,” received by Marshall Vian Summers in 2009. The first post in the series is here. The previous post in the series is here.

2/10/2015 UPDATE: The next post in the series is here.

Who had the vision to see the danger?

Who had the vision to see the danger? What have we seen so far? Humanity faces wrenching adjustments, due to a disrupted climate, due to destructive use of a lush, abundant world. This destructive use came from ignoring the deeper intelligence within us. Our political and religious leaders are blind to these adjustments, as they only see the future as more of the past. This is the twentieth paragraph.

“All of this is inevitable, you see, given humanity’s attitudes, its use of the world and humanity’s relations between nations. Of course, you would reach a point of saturation. Of course, you would affect the world in such a way that the world would respond not to your benefit. Of course, you would hit a crisis point.”

Who had the vision to see the danger? At this point, I’m recalling the words of 20th Century American author Robert Heinlein in “Time Enough for Love”:

“No man is an island — ” Much as we may feel and act as Individuals, our race is — a single organism, always growing and branching — which must be pruned regularly to be healthy. This necessity need not be argued; anyone with eyes can see that any organism which grows without limit always dies in its own poisons.

I remember being taught as a Boy Scout that every natural environment had a certain “carrying capacity,” an ability to support a certain amount of life. When the amount of life in that environment exceeded the carrying capacity, there was either migration or starvation. The world is no different, it has a certain carrying capacity, but humanity acts as if it wasn’t going to hit a limit anytime soon.

Getting back to Marshall Vian Summers:

“There are visionary individuals who have seen this coming. But humanity is deaf and blind and dumb and proceeds willfully in its pursuits of wealth and power—easily corrupted, easily misled, desperate amongst its poorer peoples, unable to control its population, unable to control its use of resources, unable to restrain its conflicts and its historical prejudices. Like a willful child, it is going headlong into the future—heedless, not thinking ahead, not looking ahead, only meeting the needs of the day.”

Who had the vision to see the danger? I consider R. Buckminster Fuller to be one of those visionary individuals. In 1968, he published the book “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth,” a collection of ideas for an indefinitely sustainable world. Some people in my world consider Jacque Fresco to be another visionary. The average human being is such that if there are 7 billion of them in a group, they are deaf and blind and dumb, proceeding willfully in their pursuits of wealth and power, etc.

“At this moment, you can stand in the middle of a city of two million people and in 20 years, it will be desolate. What will happen? How will the world respond? If you can see without prejudice and fear, it will become apparent to you. You do not have to be a genius to see this. You only have to be wise and objective. But how people respond is a question that you cannot foretell. People can choose how they will respond. There is choice at this level.”

Who had the vision to see the danger? The city in which this revelation was received was Aleppo, Syria, which was a city of two million people in 2009, when this revelation was received. Reed Summers, son of Marshall Vian Summers wrote of those days here. I have written about what has happened since that time here. What is Aleppo now? A plundered, looted heap of fallen ruin, well on its way to being desolate in the year 2029. I regret to inform you that without a lot of magnanimity and cooperation on the part of a lot of people, that is the world’s future.

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