United We Stand

United we stand, divided we fall. A photo my daughter took recently at the Berlin Wall caught my attention and made me think of Step 45. Alone I Can Do Nothing. I will remind you that I am a beginning student of Steps to Knowledge and this is my first time around. I anticipate doing the Steps again and again because they are too vast and profound to “get” their message the first time. I acknowledge this fact, so permit myself the liberty this time of not penetrating too deeply, but allowing each Step to speak to me as it will today.

The day I reached Step 45, I gained a little more insight into the value of joint effort. Most days, I tend to lead a very sheltered life, I tend to isolate and like to do things alone, relying as little as possible on others, doing things “my way.” There may be some merit to this sometimes and in some circumstances, but it is not the way of the world. Step 45 brought me to a greater awareness that I can do nothing alone, that I have limitations, but so does everyone else. However, together, each making his or her own small contribution, we can move mountains and alter the face of the world.


* * *

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