I Am A Unique Expression Of A Greater Reality

Unique Expression of a Greater Reality

I am a unique expression of a Greater Reality, but I did not understand this when I first reached Step 13. I Want to Be Separate to Be Unique. I did not understand that separation here means separation from God. This implies that I want to be separate because I think being separate makes me unique, so I reject the idea of being part of the Oneness of God. But I am a spiritual being and I am aware of this, so I do not want to be separate. I admit to being confused.

I found help with my confusion in the New Message from God revelation entitled “The Separation,” which says:

You are a spiritual being living in a physical reality. This accounts for your dual nature and the fundamental conflict and confusion that permeate your mind and activities.

Despite my confusion, however, I did have the presence of mind to write the following question in my notes: “Could this mean that I must express my unique gifts whenever I can, contribute my own individuality to the greater whole?”

Another quote from “The Separation” seems to answer this for me.

God redeems you through the power and presence of Knowledge within you. Knowledge will prepare you to become a contributor to life so that your real, unique gifts can be given where they are needed.

I Am a Unique Expression of a Greater Reality

Now I have found a good analogy, something that helps me understand this separation/uniqueness paradox. I am a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. I am unique, but I am only of value when I take up my place in the bigger picture, when I make my unique contribution to the larger whole, when I am a unique expression of a Greater Reality.

I take great comfort in what other people, people I would call men and women of Knowledge, have to say on this subject.

Margaret Mead said, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Edgar Cayce often reiterated the idea of Oneness in his work. His readings are filled with different ways to express the same concept: Know yourself…to be yourself…and yet part of the whole.

Step 13 says, “Your physical life demonstrates a separate life but only from a certain point of view. Given another point of view, it does not demonstrate separation at all. It demonstrates a unique expression of a Greater Reality.”

Accepting this as the truth, I am free to embrace this uniqueness, I do not have to be separate to be unique, rather I am a unique expression of a Greater Reality.

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