Thrashing And Flailing On The Turbulent Surface

Step 2 of Steps to Knowledge is “Knowledge is with me.  Where am I?”

When I was a child, I had a world globe.  I recall the ocean portions of the globe having many small red arrows on them, describing the major ocean currents.  Between then and now, our ability to observe ocean currents has advanced significantly, as this video demonstrates.

The movement of the ocean is an analogy for the activity of the mind in the New Message from God.  At the surface of the ocean, water is moving about in every direction.  An observer at the surface would be hard pressed to prove that the water is following any specific direction.  But in the depths of the ocean, the ocean currents are much more consistent, so much so that scientists use the phrase “global conveyor belt” to describe the phenomena.

This step drops more hints as to the nature of Knowledge:

“Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your true relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the world and a perfect utilization of your nature, all of your inherent abilities and skills, even your limitations—all to be given for good in the world.”

I take great comfort in this, as I haven’t done a very good job so far of utilizing my nature, in my opinion.  I take great comfort in this, as my limitations have been a hindrance so far in my contributing to the world, in my opinion.

The practice is to spend three 10-minute periods thinking about where I am, not just physically or geographically, but where you are in terms of my awareness of myself in the world.  My answer to the question “Knowledge is with me.  Where am I?” was “Thrashing and flailing on the surface of my mind.”


* * *

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