This Fast Could Be Challenging For Me

Right around the middle of February, I misplaced the power adapter for my laptop computer.  I decided to use the opportunity to limit the amount of time I spend online for the season of Lent.  I didn’t do a very good job of this.  I needed to tell someone who needed to be able to reach me that I didn’t have my adapter.  Before too long, I had another adapter, and I was spending my usual large amounts of time online again.

I’m telling you about my half-hearted fasting from time online to tell you about another fast I was recently challenged to undertake.  It is not a fast from food, drink or any other sensual pleasure.  It is a fast from borrowed expression, that is, quoting someone else (like Jesus, or Solomon, or Rumi) to make a point I’m trying to make.  The challenger pointed out that I do this quite habitually and unconsciously, and thus fasting from this practice would encourage more conscious self-expression and behavior.  I had no answer for this, therefore I not only accept the challenge, but publicly declare that I accept, that my readers may assist me in the keeping of this fast.

How long will I keep this fast?  I should say in order not to give myself an easy out. Sunrise on Easter morning, March 31, 2013.  I will write a post sharing the results of this practice.


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3 thoughts on “This Fast Could Be Challenging For Me

  1. Well, yeah, you don’t want to be too tongue-tied and twisted, if the pertinent matter at hand is a quote. You are only going to refrain for substituting others’ expression for your own, right?

  2. Not to dissuade you from your intention (honorable as it may be), but I like the things you quote and often find your quotes beneficial to further probing of my own, meaning your “borrowed expressions,” in addition to giving additional foundation and clarity to your own thoughts, also prompt deeper understanding in my own mind. Plus, as I see it, you usually use quotes to illustrate a point you have already made and not as a substitute for your own thoughts. So as a delighted reader (yes I am delighted to be reading you again), I am afraid I am not of much assistance to you in this particular fast.

    And hey, I don’t think it is at all reprehensive if you just happen to think the same way as various great thinkers, bards, theologians, and kings 🙂

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