They Think You Are Weak Divided Pathetic

They think you are weak divided pathetic

This is the ninth post in a series of posts on the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This revelation is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

UPDATE 07/07/2021: The next post in the series is here.

What have we seen so far? The necessity of a united world to face the coming changes. Individuals must refocus from personal agendas, to acting for human survival and freedom. People must transcend attachments to ethnicity, nationality and religion, and seek the success of the human family.

They think you are weak divided pathetic

The following is the 54th paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

You would never know these things. You would never know who is in your world and what gives them power and what are their weaknesses or where they came from or why they are here or how they operate. You would take a fanciful view, a preferential view. “Oh, it must be for our benefit. They’re going to bring us gifts of technology. They’re going to help us solve our problems here on Earth. They’re going to be our friends. They’re going to be our saviors.” Oh, such stupidity. Tragic it is. Predictable, yes, but tragic nonetheless.

[ The previous paragraph is “If you rise and unite, humanity will become a strong race, an independent race, in such a way that this independence can be protected and preserved. Only the New Message describes why this is the case and what it really means.” Therefore, I consider “You would never know these things” to mean “Without the New Message, you would never know how human sovereignty can be protected and preserved.” There are people in the world who believe extraterrestrials are in our world for the benefit of humanity. There were Native Americans who believed the European settlers were in North America for their benefit.]

You have no idea what you are facing or the strength that you carry to respond to it. Do not believe in your weakness or the weakness of others, for you must believe in your strength. You must wake up to this. Become sober. Become realistic. Become responsive. Become constructive. You cannot simply be a bunch of whining babies about the way the world is going. That will do nothing for you or anyone else.

[ “The strength that you carry” is the strength of Knowledge, the strength of certainty, the strength of determination that a noble cause must prevail. I have to challenge my beliefs in my weakness. I must challenge my beliefs in your weakness.]

I must speak to you like this because the hour is late and humanity is not responding sufficiently. I must speak to you like this because I respect who you are, even though you do not know who you are. You think you are some person wandering in the world, but who you are is someone sent here to play a part in something of the greatest importance for the future of this world and the future of humanity.

[ It is uncommon for the voice of revelation in the teachings of the New Message from God to use pronouns. It is rare when both “I” and “we” are used in the same teaching. But there is a crying out to whoever hears these words to awaken, respond and prepare.]

You do not know what this means yet. You do not know what this will look like yet, of course not. You have hardly begun this journey. How would you know where it takes you, what it will look like?

[ I must cultivate both determination and flexibility. I have been on this journey for ten years, and it is so vast, that I can look at myself and say “I have hardly begun.”]

You will see people around you going into denial, or making fun of this, or thinking it is ridiculous, or thinking it is like something else, or disagreeing vehemently, or saying you must believe in a great saint or savior and that is all you need to do.

[ People base their beliefs on what they hope for, not what they experience. People believe things to gain social rewards. Sitting with the cool kids. Being the leader of the pack. Receiving the lion’s share of the group’s resources.]

This is the weakness of humanity. This is what the Intervention is counting on. It thinks you are weak and divided and pathetic. It needs you because it cannot live in this world. It has no regard for you at all. It will seduce you if it can. It will discourage you if it cannot seduce you. That is its power. That is what it employs.

[ H. G. Wells was right after all when he wrote “The War of the Worlds.” The Martians in his story couldn’t live in our world. The extraterrestrial Intervention thinks of us they way we think of farm animals. Resources to be used. They think you are weak divided pathetic. ]

* * *

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