There’s Nothing Like This Anywhere Near Here

This is another post in a series of posts comparing and contrasting A Course in Miracles with Steps to Knowledge.

A Course in Miracles is written in the language of historic Christianity.  All human suffering can be traced back to human choice for human independence (the “separation”).  Human suffering is described in terms of the suffering of Jesus.  Redemption from human suffering is described in terms of atonement, and so on.

Just as there are occasional, infrequent instances of poetic language in Steps to Knowledge, there are occasional, infrequent references to Christianity, like this one:

“Upon each hour today, repeat this statement [“Today I will not judge another”] as you witness yourself and the world around you. Repeat this statement and feel its impact. Release your judgments for a few moments, and then feel the contrast and the experience that this will provide for you. Do not judge another today. Allow others to reveal themselves to you. Without judgment you will not suffer under your own crown of thorns. Without judgment you will feel the presence of your Teachers assisting you.” (Step 76, “Today I will not judge another”)

I have a suspicion, a hypothesis, that there are occasional, infrequent references to all of the world’s major religions in Steps to Knowledge, but that I’m just not literate enough to notice them.  Fortunately, great literacy is not a requirement for studying Steps to Knowledge.


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