There Are Some Things Here You Have Seen Before…

It takes a good bit of personal strength to get to where Steps to Knowledge wants to take me.  It takes a certain ability to not care too much about what my culture thinks about things.  So I experience a certain amount of comfort when I see something in Steps which I’ve seen before.  And the something is an affirmation.

Affirmations have been around for a long time.  In some Christian circles they are called “confessions”  They have been a cultural fad, they have been culturally mocked to scorn. Some people have had more success with affirmations than others.  Some people have a greater internal and external consistency with what they affirm.  What am I being asked to affirm?  “I have a wisdom that I wish to discover.”  Out of all the affirmations in the world, this one is only found here.  When I read this, I think “I wish to derive value from my errors, mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices.”  When I read this, I think, “I wish to experience the love of God which I’ve been told that I am.”


* * *

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