The Work Is Progressing, The People Are Working

The work is progressing, the people are working
Paving 28th Street in Manhattan, 1930

I am here to report that a work is progressing in the world. There are people making inspired and determined efforts to support it. What is this work? It is the work of organizing, publishing and translating the New Message from God. Who are the people? Marshall Vian Summers, his associates, and a worldwide community of responders.

The work is progressing, the people are working

The work is progressing, the people are working

Marshall Vian Summers is doing his part. He is organizing the revelations he has received from 1982 to the present. Many of these are chapters in one of the books of the New Message. Some of these are available online only. Many of these have never been available. Marshall is remedying that. In 2019, 15 different revelations have been made available to the public:

How to Regard the Messenger – Received March 2015
Protecting the Message and the Messenger – Received November 2014
Heaven and Hell – Received January 2008
Enduring Love – Received March 2011
Money – Received April 1992
Kindness – Received May 1993
Conflict – Received May 1993
Sex and Sexuality – Received February 2008
Pleasure – Received March 1992
Environments – Received May 1993
Inspiration – Received May 1993
New Message on Fulfillment – Received August 2007
The Reality of Your Spiritual Family – Received April 2008
The First Commitment – Received September 2008
The Deeper Current of Your Life – Received April 2008

Publication requires perspiration

The work is progressing, the people are working. In 2015, I wrote about how the New Message from God would be organized by volumes, books, chapters and verses. In 2019, the Society for the New Message from God released 2 new books: The Journey to a New Life and The Power of Knowledge. While Marshall has the final say on the projects, other people did a lot of the work of creating the books. I know this because the books mention some of these people. I know this because I know the people involved in publishing and shipping copies.

Let people hear in their heart language

Progress of translation of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God

The work is progressing, the people are working. The New Message from God is a large body of material. It is larger than the Pali Canon of Buddhism, the Bible of Christianity, and the Qur’an of Islam. It is a remarkable accomplishment that it is making its way into the languages of the world so quickly. Marshall hasn’t done any of this translation. His associates, known as the Society for the New Message from God, haven’t done any of this translation. Students of the New Message from around the world have done this translation. I wrote about some of these translators in 2014. I believe that when Marshall started to receive revelations in 1982, it was not clear to him that this was something that needed to be translated into the languages of the world.

It used to be impossible, now it’s merely difficult

The work is progressing, the people are working. Hudson Taylor (1832 – 1905), founder of the China Inland Mission, is reported to have said: “I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” I can recall a time when the idea of the New Message from God being published in the languages of the world was impossible to contemplate. Now I can see that we have a great deal of work to do, but it’s work we are happily doing. I may not be around to see when the work is done, but I can clearly see in my mind’s eye the day when that work is done.

* * *

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3 thoughts on “The Work Is Progressing, The People Are Working

  1. It’s a great challenge to describe the whole world of the New Message, 10,000 pages of it, hundreds of audio recordings of the “angelic ” voice and indescribable experience of taking “The Steps to Knowledge”.

    You have done a great service here sir.
    -Alio McDavis

  2. Hi Douglas, thank you for this overview! It’s motivating and stimulating, for me as a translator.
    Beautiful how you say: ‘At first it seems impossible, now it’s only difficult’, and the repetition of the senctence: ‘The work is progressing, the people are working.’

    I just have one question about the (beautiful) picture of the translation of the StK: is it correct you have not included the Dutch Language? The ‘Stappen naar Kennis’ are completely translated, although they need to be checked (proof read) and bettered here and there.

    • I was aware of the existence of Stappen naar Kennis. The creators of the graphic didn’t consider Dutch to be spoken by enough people to include it. 🙁

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