The Truth Will Shine Through

The truth will shine through

The truth will shine through if I let it.

The day I practiced Step 32. The Truth Is With Me. I Can Feel It of Steps to Knowledge, I had an experience that I can only call an instance of the truth shining through.

I wrote the following in my notes for this Step. I will share it with you in its entirety as written on that day to be taken at its face value. No analysis, no trying to figure. I hope the truth will shine through for you.

“Now I understand the previous step more clearly. It is as I felt it was. And it is true that I can feel the truth and that it shines into my mind and into my emotions when I allow it to. For me, this is absolute.

“I had this revelation. The whole ‘we are all one’ thing suddenly became clear to me. Of course! There is one universal spirit that is God, and it enters every new body that is born to have a human experience and multiply its knowledge. So the body is entirely secondary and it does not really matter what its physical appearance, talents, gifts, and attributes are, because the spirit is one. So we are not separate, we are the same spirit having different experiences in different bodies and thus gradually adding to our universal knowledge as part of the entire spirit that is called God. And we all return to that state of spirit after our physical body dies. This removes all need for envy, hatred, jealousy, unkindness or anything else negative, because we all come from the same source and every experience is valuable. It is hard to put into words, but I feel this is the truth that is shining into my mind.”

The truth will shine through

Step 32 asks me to practice feeling the truth, not thinking it, but feeling it. I am to adhere to this practice conscientiously, letting nothing distract or dissuade me. Douglas shares his Step 32 practice of feeling the truth here. I think what he shares is very pertinent and worth revisiting.

I am also asked to use my breath to take me deeper, take me beyond my throughts. Personally, I do not find breathing practices very satisfying. Perhaps I just don’t have the patience, perhaps I just don’t have the skill and know-how to apply the techniques properly, perhaps I just don’t try hard enough. However, I feel I was sufficiently successful at stilling my mind to allow the truth to shine through when I did this Step. When this happens there is no denying it, I just feel it to be true.

This is my understanding today.

* * *

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