The Message Is In Sync With The Times

the message is in sync with the times

There is a New Message in the world, because the Message is in sync with the times.

On September 10, 2014, the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, was called to receive another revelation called “Poverty.”

This is the third time the Messenger has been summoned to receive a revelation this month. On September 3, 2014 he received “The Messenger’s Calling,”  and on September 8 he was called to receive “Grace.”

One of the questions to be explored in the current session of the Free School of the New Message from God “The Message and the Messenger” is: Why is the New Message here now?

My answer to that question is because the Message is in sync with the times.

It addresses the needs of the world today as it is caught in the grips of profound and devastating changes.

Patricia Summers says at the end of her account of Marshall receiving “Poverty:”

It seems that through the Messenger, the New Message Revelation is intent on speaking to both the visible and the invisible poverty that is present everywhere around us. And that is why the Messenger is being called to many places of need in the world.

Today the world has a refugee problem as never before. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee in order to escape the death and destruction being wrought in their homelands. The glaring examples are Syria and Ukraine.

The Message is in sync with the times

I am incompetent to fathom the workings of the world. Why do some people suffer poverty, destitution, devastation and debilitation, while others live in safety, comfort and plenty?

Some of the Steps in Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing address this issue. In particular, Step 158, I am rich so I can giveStep 159. The poor cannot give. I am not poor, and Step 160. The world is poor, but I am not.

Step 158 says:

You are rich and you can give. You possess a wealth of Knowledge already, and this is the greatest possible gift.

I say: I affirm my wealth today!

Step 159 says:

The poor cannot give, for they are destitute. They are required to receive. You are not destitute, for the gift of Knowledge is with you. … You will have exactly what you need, and the world will not burden you with its deprivation or its excesses. Thus, everything will have perfect balance.

My notes for this Step say: I truly resonate with this concept of having exactly what I need and in the right amount. This has been my experience so far in life and I have not been burdened with deprivation or excess. Everything is in perfect balance.

Step 160 says:

The world is poor, but you are not poor. Regardless of your circumstances, this is true because you are reclaiming the wealth of Knowledge. Understand, then, the meaning of impoverishment. Understand, then, the meaning of wealth.

My notes say: Material values do not count, spiritual values are what count, and they provide a different wealth, an inner wealth, a wealth that comes from Knowledge and knowing that all shall be provided in just the right amount.

So what does this mean? Knowledge is the treasure-trove that contains the wealth needed to escape the devastation and destitution of poverty in the world? If I am diligent in my reclamation of Knowledge, I will reap rich benefits and will not suffer? I will be free to give the gifts I have received? Can it really be that simple?

There is part of me that believes we choose our own destinies. Those who live in poverty now have chosen that way of life to learn. This may seem ludicrous to some, who would choose to be poor? Who would choose hardship and deprivation? I cannot provide any answers, I am only sharing what I feel.

In my experience, following the Steps to Knowledge and possessing the wealth of Knowledge provides me with many advantages and rich opportunities. My wish for the world is that those living in poverty and destitution receive the light of Knowledge. The Message is in sync with the times and its wisdom can be reaped by all.

* * *

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