The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins…

When I was telling my 19-year-old son about this blog, and pondering what should go in it, he suggested “Why don’t you write about your study of Steps to Knowledge, and how it has helped you?”

Thus begins the master thread of this blog.  There will be other threads, but this is the big one.

Some of the wording in a given step is completely prosaic (all quotes are from Step 1 of Steps to Knowledge, “I am without Knowledge now.”)

“There must be a starting point at any juncture of development.You must start from where you are, not from where you want to be.”

I realize someone may be reading this and thinking “What do you mean, ‘I am without Knowledge now?’  I know many things!”  But this step elaborates on the meaning of the word “Knowledge” in the statement “I am without Knowledge now.”

“Therefore, you are beginning now to prepare to be in relationship with Knowledge, the greater aspect of mind that you have brought with you from your Ancient Home.”

I confess that when I did this step, the above sentence flew far above my head.  Each step ends with instructions for practice.

“Three times today spend 10 minutes thinking about what Knowledge is, not merely applying your own ideas, not merely applying your past understanding, but thinking about what Knowledge really is.”

Beginning, middle and end of the day?  10 minutes in three consecutive hours?  It doesn’t seem to matter.

Someone may be reading this and thinking “Here it comes, he’s going to hit us up to buy a copy of Steps to Knowledge.”  I actually do not possess a paper version of Steps to Knowledge.  I use the Adobe Acrobat .pdf file available here.  There are versions of Steps to Knowledge available for well-known e-readers.  I recommend that someone interested in studying Steps have both a paper version and an electronic version.  On the one hand, the paper version could be taken places one might not want to take a computer.  On the other hand, the electronic version is computer-searchable, and I like being able to search for something when I’m recalling something I read.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Everyone who got anywhere started out from somewhere.

* * *

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