The Golden Thread of Knowledge

The Golden Thread of Knowledge.

The Golden Thread of Knowledge

The 20-day period in commemoration of the reception of Steps to Knowledge by Marshall Vian Summers between May 26-June 14, 1989 has come to a close.

For me, it has been a time of introspection and stock-taking. It has brought up questions such as, “Where am I now?” “How do I feel?” “Where am I going?” “What do I need to know here?” “What do I need to do?” And the most important question posed by Reed on the last day of the Vigil: “What must I be doing in my life at this time?” I am being with these questions, exploring them with no sense of urgency or haste, but remembering to remain present, present to my state, present to my thoughts and emotions, present to the promptings of Knowledge within me. For Knowledge has been my unfailing guide throughout my life to date, and I see no reason to doubt it will continue to be so.

I have particularly been enjoying listening to the testimonials of students of the New Message shared during this Vigil, both those by students from afar and those shared by the students hosting the broadcasts each day. The other day I found myself imagining that I was hosting one of the Vigil broadcasts and thinking about what I might say. Here is what came to mind.

The Golden Thread of Knowledge

Greetings everyone. My name is Alisa and I am a student of the New Message from God. I have been a student since October 2012, which is when I began taking the Steps to Knowledge. I jumped right in and have never looked back since. I feel I have been on a spiritual journey all my life, but for several months before I found the New Message I had been experiencing a spiritual slump. Nothing inspired me or was moving me forward anymore. I felt as though I had “been there,” “done that,” and exhausted all of my resources. So I appealed to the Universe, beseeching, “Show me something new that will knock my socks off.” Shortly thereafter, I happened across The Great Love teaching and the name Marshall Vian Summers on Facebook. I saw the word “Knowledge” and something lit up inside.

I now understand that Knowledge has always been with me and I have been, albeit unconsciously until I found the NM, with Knowledge. I can see the Golden Thread of Knowledge running through my life.

It runs from the time I began studying Russian in secondary school in England, to my college days in San Antonio, Texas, where I continued studying Russian and was encouraged by my professor to participate in a semester study program in the Soviet Union, to coming to Moscow in 1981 and making my sacred rendezvous at the top of the escalator in a Moscow subway station, to returning to Moscow in 1990 with my young family in tow and reconnecting with my husband-to-be, to discovering I had a Russian “tongue” through my participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, and finally to finding the New Message and immediately being filled with a burning desire to translate Steps to Knowledge into Russian.

Russia may not be ready for the Steps to Knowledge yet, but my contribution in this capacity is preparing the way. That is all I can do.

The Golden Thread of Knowledge

At each of these major milestones in my life, I was never in a quandary. I never found myself weighing up the pros and cons regarding the decisions I had to make, I just made them. There was never any doubt in mind, any restraint, any fear. I was on a freedom journey and my Teachers were by my side.

I understand all this in retrospect now. I did not know it at the time. I just took a leap of faith and landed with my feet on the ground. I continue on my freedom journey with my Teachers by my side and Knowledge abiding in the sacred sanctuary within me.

I found this in a blog post titled “The Golden Thread.”

The Golden Thread of KnowledgeThere’s a thread you follow.
It goes among
things that change.
But it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.

— William Stafford

During the closing broadcast of the 2018 Steps Vigil, Patricia and Reed Summers had some inspiring and powerful things to share, as well as some potent teaching and practices and questions to be with. I highly recommend watching and listening to this profound broadcast.

* * *

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