The Messenger’s Vigil – Taking The Journey

The Messenger’s Vigil – Taking the Journey

On Day Two of the Vigil, we are invited to join the Messenger as he takes us along the road he has been taking. We are essentially taking the journey with him.

In Reed’s words, this journey is like a flower opening petal by petal.

It is a journey that can be depicted in brush strokes.

taking the journey

First stroke – preparation and initiation.

Second stroke – illness and precipitous decline.

Third stroke – first utterances of renewal. A new flood of revelations.

Next, we are invited to listen to the Voice of Revelation as it reveals The Story of the Messenger. This is Chapter Four in the latest book published by the Society of the New Message from God called The New Messenger.

“Today We shall tell the story of the Messenger. It is a story that holds great power and meaning if it can be comprehended.

“For the Messenger is no ordinary person, though he appears to be ordinary on the outside. And because he is a humble man, he does not exalt himself in any way. He seeks not recognition, but a deeper connection with those who are destined to meet him and to receive God’s New Revelation. ….

“He would have to have a foot in the Mystery, deeply anchored there so that the challenges and the temptations of the future would not take him out of his role and purpose.

“Who in the world can understand these things? Who in the world has ever met the Messenger or can comprehend the mystery and the power of his presence in the world?”

Taking the Journey

In order to comprehend the mystery and the power of the Messenger’s presence in the world, we need to take the journey with him.

Reed and Patricia share some of the Messenger’s sayings with us.

“My journey is long and my journey is great because I bring Knowledge and Wisdom from the universe into the world, and I bring a New Message from the Creator of all life, a New Message that will challenge much conventional thinking, a New Message that will open the doors of perception and prepare humanity for its future and destiny within a Greater Community of life in the Universe.”

“I was sent into the world to provide this service, to bear the burden and the gift of a New Revelation. In all respects, my life is unspectacular. I claim no other authority. I am imperfect, but I am the Messenger, and the Message is with me and in me, and it has been revealed through me.”

“I am blessed and burdened with a great mission. All of my development now is to enable me to carry and to fulfill this mission.”

“My life is a platform for the New Message, nothing more, nothing less.”

“While personally I may want things that other people want and expect certain things from life, my anchor, my lifeline, is to the Assembly. They are my Community, fundamentally. And that allows me to have courage and power and patience and compassion and love.”

“I am creating the strongest legacy and relationships I can so that my words, guidance and testimony will not be lost in the turbulent times to come.”

Taking the Journey

Marshall speaks to us and shares more of his wisdom. He speaks to us specifically of follies in our thinking. And he points to three specific delusions.

  1. Some people believe that they are watched over by the Teachers at all times. Do you believe this? You should not, because it is not true. Many times you are alone. You are not watched over constantly. You are out of control, you are lost. The angels are not by your side all the time. This is why God has given you Knowledge. It is very intelligent. [It will guide you, if you allow it.]
  2. Some people believe that everything in life is divinely guided, it cannot fail. This is not true. It can fail, and although failure can be a good motivator [it is not enough to build a life on]. You must acknowledge the risks. Failure is real and happens all the time.
  3. Some people say that everything happens for a reason. This is not true. Many things happen that are not meant to happen. Anything can happen at any moment, since living in Separation is a state of chaos, confusion and chance. Hold nothing to be sacred that is destructable, for the sacred is incorrputable and lives within you. The Golden Thread is what is really important.

He ends his address to us with a prayer he says for himself and wishes for us too.

“I pray that I may have the courage, wisdom and strength to proceed. I pray that I will succeed in what I am being tested in now. Heaven needs to know that I can be reliable, trusted and consistent. Let me use these times and my circumstances to build great strength. For Heaven needs this great strength to grow in me. Nasi Novare Coram.”

Here you can read the accounts of previous Messenger’s Vigils in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

* * *

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