Take Your Meditation Medicine, Please

A person doesn’t have to be particularly clever to notice that there are quite a few meditation techniques available. Furthermore, from time to time, a particular meditation technique catches on with the general public. For example, the visit by the Beatles to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand State in India sparked an interest in Transcendental Meditation. These days various forms of mindfulness meditation seem to be popular. I consider these various techniques to be remedies, as it were, for various forms and amounts of mental chaos and suffering.

Take your meditation medicine, please

A meditation practice taught by the New Message from God is called stillness. I have found it most helpful in reducing the amount of attachment I have to my preferences and anxieties. I wrote a post about four years ago about my practice of stillness. Some general guidelines seem to be important for the effectiveness of any meditation practice.

Take your meditation medicine, please. I consider it helpful to meditate in a quiet place that isn’t too bright and isn’t too dark. I prefer a place where random changes in light or sound are unlikely. Meditating in the same time and place each day helps the mind and body get used to the idea. I try not to digest and meditate at the same time.

Take your meditation medicine, please. Some things are meditation-killers for some people. For me, it’s television. If I watch a television program with car chases and explosions before meditation, my mental sky will be full of car chases and explosions. If I watch a calm program with people talking, my meditation will be preoccupied with how those people are going to solve their problems. I have to avoid sabotaging my practice by something before the meditation session. I have to talk to my mind and tell it I’m doing something a little different for a while.

Take your meditation medicine, please. I have to be willing to receive the benefits that my meditation practice offers. Someone is reading this and thinking “Isn’t that obvious?” I believe you would be surprised to discover how much self-hatred lurks beneath the surface of most people. Many people weigh themselves in the balance of their ideals, and find themselves wanting. At some point, it is necessary to say “I am worthy of my practice and its results.”

Take your meditation medicine, please. If I take it back far enough, I discover that I wish to practice meditation in order to be a better person in some way. If I take that back far enough, I discover that I wish to become better in order to bless someone else in some way. Even meditation is a group effort.

Take your meditation medicine, please. I may not, probably won’t, get the results of my meditation practice right away. It may take a little while to blaze a trail, to discover the pathway. Therefore, I consider it important to be content with the result of any particular meditation session. Thoughts along the line of “I must be doing it wrong” lie in wait at every turn. I have to avoid sabotaging my practice by something after the meditation session.

Does this help? I hope this helps.

* * *

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