Take the Journey to Find the Answers: Messenger’s Vigil 2018 Day One

Take the journey to find the answers.

take the journey

This past week, from January 24-28, 2018, the Worldwide Community of responders to the New Message from God gathered once again for the Messenger’s Vigil to commemorate the appearance of the Messenger in the world and learn more of his journey, responsibility and mission.

This is an annual event in the life of the New Message, and it is my experience that it builds and grows with each passing year. Posts on the Messenger’s Vigil in previous years can be found here.

Vigil Day 1. Holding Vigil for people all over the world who are feeling the calling and the stirrings of Knowledge within them.

What is the Messenger’s Vigil?

Patricia gives a definition of what it means to keep vigil. “It’s a time, a period, of keeping awake when usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or to pray, an observance, looking into the future, a retreat.”

She goes on to say, “In this Messenger’s Vigil we have the opporutnity to join with Marshall who feels compelled to take this time just to consider very directly the needs of the world, the people of the world, and all life in this world, given what we are facing collectively.”

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Reed speaks on the experience of spiritual awakening, what it is, and how you can know if it is happening to you.

Take the journey to find the answers.

Next we have the privilege of hearing Marshall speak to us at the deep level of our being, during which he gives us some things to consider and some questions to be with.

He begins by saying, “I am going to speak to you at a deeper part of you, the part of you that was you before you came into the world, the part of you that will be you after you leave this place. I am going to speak to you at this level, because at this level your life is already committed, your life is already connected, your life is already true.”

This video, which presents Marshall’s address to us in full, is called “14 Truths about Spiritual Awakening.”

After I had transcribed the entire thing and began working through it to identify the 14 Truths, I came up with a much longer list. Marshall’s talk is full of deep truths, and perhaps each of us will find the ones that speak most directly to us. I offer the 14 Truths that spoke to me.

Take the journey to find the anwers.

In order to experience a spiritual awakening, I must:

Build a connection from my thinking mind to the deeper mind within me.

Be a person on the ground with one foot on each shore, a bridge over which great things can pass.

Choose what to follow: Knowledge, the bigger part of me, or my worldly mind, the little part of me.

Pay attention to inner voices, deep feelings, signs, messages – what are they telling me?

Understand the meaning of reality: reality is everything beyond my thoughts and beliefs.

Take the journey to find the answers.

Spend my life wisely, for it is important.

Suspend judgment and evaluation.

Choose what I practice.

Choose who I am with and be aware of the influence they have on me.

Understand that happiness is not a goal, it is the result of the things I do.

Realize that I am here for a purpose, that Knowledge holds my purpose for me, within me, but my calling is out in the world.

Be aware that my life is a precious opportunity to discover and express Knowledge.

Refrain from self-condemnation, for how can I condemn myself when I don’t know who I am?

I am being with these truths and allowing them to perculate down from my worldly mind into the depths of my being as I take the journey to find the answers.

The Messenger’s Vigil 2017 – Taking the Journey.

* * *

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