Tiny Twinges In The Tomato Aspic

My mother, like many women who grew up in the American south, served my family tomato aspic from time to time.  At that time, one could buy canned tomato aspic at the grocery store.  It was firm enough to retain its shape when it came out of the can.  My mother would cut it into 1-inch tall cylinders, and arrange it on a bed of lettuce with a dollop of mayonnaise on top.  As a child, I took satisfaction that tomato aspic was flexible enough to wiggle when pushed around, yet firm enough to not fall apart.

I’m sharing this memory because I recalled it when I read this sentence in step 40 of Steps to Knowledge (“Today I will feel the power of God.”):

All the seeming powers of your world—the forces of nature, the inevitability of your death, the ever present threat of illness, loss and destruction and all appearances of conflict—are all temporary movements in the great stillness of God.

God is still because God isn’t going anywhere.  God isn’t going anywhere because God is already everywhere.  Perhaps another way of thinking of the power of God is to think of God as impervious, that there isn’t anything that happens that makes God any less.  Step 40 calls everything that happens “temporary movements in the great stillness of God.”  I call them “tiny twinges in the tomato aspic.”  It takes all kinds of people.

* * *

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