Step 1. I Am Without Knowledge Now – Photoquoting

In the time between my first post on photoquoting and now, I have received particular encouragement to make photoquotes a bigger part of Ascending Knowledge. This is the first post of a photoquote thread.

I am without Knowledge now

There are two base camps for Mount Everest. One base camp is in Nepal. This base camp is in Tibet. Nick Isenberg took this picture.

Even though I have been engaged with Steps to Knowledge for a little while, I am construing Step 1 to mean, “compared to where I’m going to be if and when I get to Step 365, I am without Knowledge now.”

I hope that other students of Steps to Knowledge will consider this thread as an opportunity to share their own photoquotes.

Alisa writes:

This infinite staircase was designed by New Zealand artist David McCracken. It stems from the seashore in Bondi, Australia and rises up into the heavens above. Depending on the atmosphere and weather conditions, the stairway appears to reach beyond the clouds into the celestial realms overhead. It is also known as “Diminish and Ascend.”

As I prepare to embark on the ascent known as Steps to Knowledge, I am without Knowledge now. I hope to accrue it as I ascend. 

* * *

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