Like Sugar In Milk Of The World’s Religions

Parsis before Jadi Rana. Like sugar in milk of the world's religions.In his 1893 address to the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Swami Vivekenanda made a passing reference to a historical event. This event is infrequently considered in my world.

“I am proud to belong to the religion which has sheltered and is still fostering the remnant of the grand Zoroastrian nation.”

Like sugar in milk of the world’s religions

The religion he refers to is Hinduism. The “grand Zoroastrian nation” is the Sasanian Empire. The Sasanian Empire ruled modern-day Iran and many neighboring regions from 224 AD to 651 AD. When the empire was overthrown by the Arab Caliphate, a small remnant fled by sea to India. They stayed in Diu in Saurashtra State for 19 years, then moved further south along the coast to Gujarat. There, they approached the local king, Jadi Rana, and requested asylum.

A Zoroastrian legend relates the course of the initial meeting between Jadi Rana and the newly landed emigrants. When the Zoroastrians requested asylum, Jadi Rana motioned to a vessel of milk filled to the very brim. This was to signify that his kingdom was already full and could not accept refugees. In response, one of the Zoroastrian priests added a pinch of sugar to the milk. This was to show that they would not bring the vessel to overflowing and indeed make the lives of the citizens sweeter. Jadi Rana gave shelter to the emigrants and permitted them to practice their religion and traditions freely.

This legend is recorded in the Qissa-i-Sanjan, (The Story of Sanjan), an epic poem written in 1600 CE. It was written by a Zoroastrian (Parsi) priest named Bahman Kaikobad (or ‘Bahman Kaikobad Hamjiar Sanjana’). This poem was translated into English in 1844. Many members of the Parsi community perceive the epic poem to be an accurate account of their ancestors. The Indian government reported that there were 57,000 Parsis in India in 2011. I believe the Parsi community has indeed been like sugar in milk. It has contributed successful individuals to the life of India, including Feroze Ghandi, Ratan Tata and Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara).

Like sugar in milk of the world’s religions. I share this story to illustrate my hope for the New Message from God in my lifetime and in the times to come. On the one hand, the New Message proclaims itself to be a revelation on the same order as the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. If such a thing is true, then I would desire it to become well-known throughout the world. On the other hand, the New Message itself teaches how it has not come to compete with the religions of the world, but to uplift them. This is in the revelation “God Has Spoken Again.” (Volume 1, Book 1, Chapter 4 of the New Message from God)

“The world has changed. God’s great Revelations must now be given the next stage of their expression—not to replace them but to uplift them and to cleanse them and to bring them into harmony with one another. They are all pathways to Knowledge, you see. That is what they really are.

They have been turned into other things by governments, by individuals and institutions, by nations seeking power and dominance. They have been alloyed with culture and customs and local perceptions to a point where their essential emphasis and purpose can be difficult to discern.

This is to bring people back to the essence of spirituality, which is the power and the presence of Knowledge in the individual, the power and the presence of Knowledge—this greater intelligence that God has given to each person, working through groups and nations of people, supporting freedom and forgiveness, recognition, communication, work, effort, responsibility.”

The Parsis were like sugar in milk, sweetening the life of India. It is my sincere hope that the New Message from God is like sugar in milk of the world’s religions.

* * *

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