We’ve Got To Make Noises In Greater Amounts

The Whos make themselves heard. We've got to make noises in greater amounts

I took great joy in my childhood in the story “Horton Hears a Who!” by Theodore Seuss Geisel, writing and drawing under the name of Dr. Suess. In this story, Horton the elephant hears the cries for help of the microscopic Whos, who live on a dust speck on a stalk of clover. The other animals consider Horton’s perception of the Whos as a delusional fantasy. It is only at the very end of the story, where the Whos, through a united, monumental effort, make themselves known to the other animals.

We’ve got to make noises in greater amounts

I share this story because I feel a similarity between the New Message from God community and the Whos. We have been making significant efforts for some time now to publicize the idea that there is a new message from God in the world. You can imagine that many people have rejected that claim as not merely false, but implausible or non-well-formed gobbledygoop. That’s how the animals responded to Horton’s testimony of the Whos.

We’ve got to make noises in greater amounts! And in 2017, we did. Our hopes and efforts were rewarded in that the New Message from God was mentioned in multiple places in print and electronic media.

In August of 2017:

In November of 2017:

  • Reed Summers (son of Messenger Marshall Vian Summers) had an interview with UK radio host Iain Lee.
  • Reed Summers appeared on the UK television talk show The Moore Show in the UK.
  • An article about Marshall Vian Summers appeared in the online magazine Ozy.

In December of 2017:

In the story of the Whos, the Mayor of Whoville told a young Who, “We’ve got to make noises in greater amounts! So open your mouth lad, for every voice counts!”

* * *

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