Tyranny Is The Prescription When Doom Is The Diagnosis

Tyranny is the prescription: Winston Smith being tortured in 1984No, I am not ready to let it go, I haven’t finished saying everything I have to say about the doom-mongering books of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries.  I mentioned four such doom-mongering books here.

If Doom Is The Diagnosis…

Suppose the scientific evidence for these books was repeatedly proven. Suppose the scientific evidence for these books was repeatedly demonstrated.  In the Bible, Pharaoh asked Joseph for a strategy in the face of impending famine. What strategies do the authors of these books offer in the face of impending extinction?

…Then Tyranny Is The Prescription

I believe Mark Steyn succinctly describes the solutions offered by the doom-mongers, so I am going to quote from his book America Alone:

“For Al Gore and Paul Ehrlich and Co., whatever the problem, the solution is always the same. Whether it’s global cooling, global warming, or overpopulation, we need bigger government, more regulation, higher taxes, and a massive transfer of power from the citizen to some unelected, self-perpetuating crisis lobby.”

But don’t take Mark Steyn’s word for it, consider the doom-mongering texts.  In The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich suggested heavy government disincentives to discourage Americans from having children.  He suggested mandatory sterilization for men in India with more than three children.  I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye, a local government official in India saying “I’m sorry Mr. Kumar, but Dr. Ehrlich says you need to be sterilized.”

Some people might say “Well, Mark Steyn isn’t a scientist, so his opinion is irrelevant.”  While it is true that Mark Steyn isn’t a scientist, it is also true that Jim Steele is a scientist, who has this to say at the end of a somewhat technical post on climate change data:

“Instead of promoting more respectful public debate, he [Al Gore] in essence suggests Americans should hate “deniers” for thinking differently than Gore and his fellow CO2 advocates. He and his ilk are fomenting a new intellectual tyranny (emphasis mine). Yet his “hockey stick beliefs” are based on adjusted data that are not supported by the raw temperature data and unsupported by natural tree ring data. So who is in denial? Whether or not Gore’s orchestrated call to squash all skeptical thought is based solely on ignorance of natural cycles, his rant against skeptics is far more frightening than the climate change evidenced by the unadjusted data and the trees.”

If doom is the diagnosis, then tyranny is the prescription.

The Great Waves of Change has an alternate body of prescriptions for navigating the difficult times mankind will face in the future, but I wish to unpack this body of prescriptions over a number of future posts.


* * *

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