We Need Your Determination And Adaptability

We need your determination and adaptability

This is the second post in a series of posts about the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here.

UPDATE 04/24/2021: The next post is here.

What have we seen so far? Humanity is on the brink of great change. We stand on the threshold of space. We face intervention from space. We face the consequences of our resource consumption and environmental destruction. But God has spoken again to prepare humanity for these great challenges.

We need your determination and adaptability

The following is the sixth paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

This next decade will be a great turning point for humanity, as this great environmental change begins to alter the face of the world, as humanity faces a growing presence in the world from those beyond who would seek to use this world for their own purposes. They are not here to destroy you but to use you, seeing you as part of the resource of the world.

[More detail will be given about the forthcoming great environmental change. The word “Intervention” mentioned earlier could be thought of as “a growing presence…for their own purposes.” There are those who consider technically advanced races to be spiritually advanced as well. But how do they know this? I consider the word “use” to mean “enslave and exploit,” in the same way we treat agricultural animals.]

Feeling this great turning point, some people will think it is the end—it is the end of humanity, it is the end of time, or it is the end of human civilization. And some people think it is a glorious beginning, a great new age for humanity of enlightenment and unity, of spirituality.

[It could be the end of humanity. It might be the end of human freedom. Will humanity respond to the warnings and prepare? Compared to all of time, human existence is a blink. And yet, there are those who ascribe cosmic consequences to human events. The people who think the great turning point is a glorious beginning are going to experience a lot of trouble.]

But who can face the reality with the courage and the power of Knowledge that God has placed within each person? Yet this Knowledge is unknown in the world, except by a few.

[We need you to find the deeper spiritual intelligence that God has placed within you. We call it Knowledge. When it is followed, disaster is averted. We have a path of practice to reach it called Steps to Knowledge. It has been in the world since 1989. It is true that Knowledge is unknown in the world, except by a few. This is an effort to remedy that.]

So they [people] fail to respond. They fail to prepare. They fail to recognize the growing signs of the world. They remain either oppressed in their nations where there is poverty or religious or political oppression, or they remain subsumed in their own personal preoccupations and desires and difficulties, heedless, unaware that their lives are about to change beyond their reckoning.

[I can imagine some people reading this and thinking, “It won’t be as bad for my nation as it will be for that other nation.” But any nation that doesn’t respond and prepare will face great difficulty. Nature is merciless to the unprepared.]

There are those who feel this great change, but are too afraid to face it. So they turn away, or they try to give it meaning and understanding, trying to incorporate it into their desires and their understanding of the world, when in fact the great change is something far beyond their capabilities in this regard.

[Why are they too afraid to face it? Because they identify with their body and mind, their individuality, instead of Knowledge. They ask “What can one person do?” But a person of Knowledge can do something.]

Many people pray for peace and equanimity at this time. Some even seek for what they call enlightenment, but this is not preparation for what is coming. What is coming is a great challenge, an ordeal, a difficult road ahead.

[We don’t need your enlightenment. We need your determination and adaptability. Your determination to rise to the occasion. Humanity needs your strong contribution to get through the ordeal.]

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